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Disk Jockeys to Play Ball
Airdate: Tuesday - July 14, 1964

Last Update: 08-23-2020

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New record-breaking sounds will be heard in the Yankee Stadium Saturday at 1:00 P.M. Two teams of the leading metropolitan disk jockeys and announcers will inaugurate the battle for the Ballantine-Yankee Gold Cup. In a promotional event that will bring an entirely new touch of glamor to Yankee baseball, the radio and TV personalities will battle it out as the first two teams in a Three Ring baseball league. The game, a three-inning affair, will mark a pair of equally important debuts in baseball, the appearance of Phil Rizzuto and Jerry Coleman, ex-Yankees, as managers of the two teams. Mel Allen, voice of the Yankees, will serve as commissioner of the new league, responsible for rules as well as the designation of three umpires. Red Barber will act as official scorer. A new look to major league umpiring will also come to the Stadium on July 18. Allen has chosen as the first three umpires for the new league three girls from the Broadway hit, "The Folies Bergere." Each team will be made up of on-the-air radio and TV personalities, currently working with Ballantine over the airwaves. The "Tote'm Homers" will be led by Phil Rizzuto and the "Ale Men" directed by Jerry Coleman. Among the personalities who will take the field are the following, who reach more than 10 million listeners in the New York area: WABC: Herb Oscar Anderson and Scott Muni; WCBS: Jack Sterling, Ted Steele, and Pat Summer- all; WHOM: Jose Ramon; WINS: John Holiday, Ed Hider, and Murray the K; WJRZ; Mike Becker, Bob Brown, and Sal Marchiano; WMCA: Harry Harrison, Jack Spector, Dan Daniel, and Johnny Dark; WNBC: Big Wilson; WNEW: Gene Klavan, Dee Finch, William B. Williams, Ted Brown, Billy Taylor, and Kyle Rote; WOR: Jean Shepherd.
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July 14,1964
The Daily Record

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

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