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The Declassified Jean Shepherd
Airdate: 1971


Last Update: 04-18-2016

Show Description
A promotional 45rpm was distributed to radio stations when the album came out. From the second cut on the album: "The Emergency on the Turnpike or the Ralph Nader Blues"
Full text of rear cover: CONFIDENTIAL PERSONNEL FILE (HIGH RISK ALPHA R [RED]) SUBJECT: Shepherd, Jean CLASSIFICATION: Highly confidential: Level One (red) Distribute to G2 A cleared personnel. MILITARY RECORD: Three years US Army signal corps, rising from Private to Corporal in that period. (Monitor enclosed LP cut relating to V.D.) ASSOCIATIONS: Subject has long attend of suspicious and highly controversial contacts. Example: Paul Krassner, notorious editor of so-called underground paper THE REALIST stated: "Shepherd is one of the four most influential satirists in America." Shel Silverstein, cartoonist, self-proclaimed Folksinger and composer of various borderline raffish material: "Jean Shepherd is a dirty rotten one-way sneaky son of a bitch." Otherconfidants include innumerable members of various oddball factions. ACTIVITIES: Subject Shepherd has spent most of his life on the run. Following is brief catalog of his many acts against the Commonweal: has written voluminously for The Village Voice, The Realist, National Lampoon, Car and Driver and most persistently Playboy. This list indicates subject may well be considered a negative element in Society. Won the annual Playboy Humor/Satire Award four times. IN GOD WE TRUST, ALL OTHERS PAY CASH, his first novel, was a best seller. Currently WANDA HICKEY'S NIGHT OF GOLDEN MEMORIES, AND OTHER DISASTERS is on the national Best Seller list, has gone into many editions; both published by Doubleday (NOTE: RUN FULL CHECK ON DOUBLEDAY) Has performed in concert on innumerable college stages, including such otherwise respectable institutions as Princeton, the University of Missouri and the University of Miami. Demoralizing effect upon student body through these irreverent, subversive performances boggles the imagination. Nationwide TV (PBS) series JEAN SHEPHERD'S AMERICA drew unstinting praise from many heretofore highly respected critics who are now under investigation. FAA files state he holds Pilot's License #1895050, useful for quick escapes. His nightly radio show on WOR in New York has contributed more to decline of morality and pure thinking than any other single regularly broadcast show. SUMMARY: Nightly, daily, hourly, weekly, in every conceivable medium: print, stage, theater, TV, radio, tape recordings, subway graffiti, with maniacal purpose and superhuman dedication, subject has hammered away at the pillars of Society with the clever sagacity and inspired slipperiness of a madman. He must be stopped! SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS: Enclosed LP record is composed of wiretap materials and electronically obtained specimens of his outrageous outpouring. Accomplices on this record are a group of malcontents who call themselves The Sons Of The Whiskey Rebellion, a purported Dixieland aggregation from Flemington, New Jersey. On the record, subject thumps upon his head in musical fashion, in reality a sinister code which breaks down under oscilliographic and spectromodic analysis. Much of the LP was recorded in concert at Princeton University, produced by special agent Michael Rashkow with the aid and assistance of Leigh Brown and Jerry Lambert of the Central Bureau. GENERAL CONCLUSIONS: WATCH THIS SON OF A BITCH! SIGNED: The Chief SIDE 1 1. Unsolicited Testimonials - 6:34 2. Superman, the Telltale Underwear, the Emergency on the Turnpike or the Ralph Nader Blues, and other mysterious Unrelated Subjects - 5:25 3. The Three Little Piggies and Dr. Spock - 5:31 SIDE 2 1. Kopfspeilen, the Reader's Digest, the Preparation H Man and How To Screw The Tax People - 7:45 2. This U.S. Signal Corp Classified film is rated R - 74:40 Live portions recorded at Princeton University All selections written by Jean Shepherd except "Hindustan" written by Oliver G Wallace & Harold Weeks published by Venus Music Corp. & Forster Music Publ. (ASCAP) Mastering: Phil Austin, Mercury Sound Produced, edited, assembled and mixed by Mike Rashkow (P.S. I also make very good chopped liver) A Pineywood Production. Technical assistance and moral support: Chuck Irwin. Thanks to Grant Ellerback for some special wires that worked. Instrumental Background Music by The Sons of the Whisky Rebellion Head thumping by Jean Shepherd ... Jews Harp, Jean Shepherd Special Assistance by Jerry Lambert Cover Illustration: Warren Linn. Art Director: Des Strobel Liner Photo: Burnell Caldwell
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November 18,1971
Village Voice Ad for "Declassified Jean Shepherd"

Courtesy: Pete Delaney

December 04,1971
Billboard Magazine

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

"Declassified" promo record - mono

Courtesy: Don Knowlton

"Declassified" promo record - mono sleeve

Courtesy: Don Knowlton

"Declassified" promo record - stereo

Courtesy: Don Knowlton

"Declassified" Label - Side 1

"Declassified" Label - Side 2

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