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jean Shepherd Returns
Airdate: Monday - March 17, 1969

Last Update: 06-18-2019

Show Description
Jean Shepherd, the philosopher-humorist, satirist, raconteur, and WOR radio personality, will bring his well-known charisma to FDU Madison next Tuesday, March 18, at 8:00 p.m. in the Recreation Building as part of the Alpha Series. Jean Shepherd has a rare brand of satirical wit mixed with bright insight into the hypocrisy and difficulty of twentieth century society. His talents have allowed him to work in all media - nightclubs, theater, television, and print, as well as radio. From the beginning of his career he has refused to be classified as a comic or any other specialist. He is not a comic who tells jokes; he is a man who has a sense of humor and who sees the comedy which underlies the serious, often sad realities of our lives. At one point in his career his fertile imagination hatched a bizarre prank to bug booksellers and librarians. He set his fans to asking for a book called I, LIBERTINE. He wanted to see if a book could get on the best-seller charts even though it had not yet been written. When the prank threatened to get out of hand, Mr. Shepherd wrote the book and it was published. He is an accomplished professional writer. Much of his work has been in Playboy Magazine One of his most famous hooks. IN GOD WE TRUST ALL OTHERS PAY CASH, is a distinctive and hilarious novel about bis life in Indiana. Like his radio work, the book is fascinating in its total recall of the most minute details of adolescence the blue-steel sheen of a new air rifle, the dizzying varieties of penny candies, the magical enchantments of Saturday afternoon in the local movie theater. Jean Shepherd is unique, not only in his ability to talk so much, but in his sheer artistry with the spoken word. His monologues which usually ramble in fits and starts through patchwork fields of nostalgia, satire, and trenchant observation, invariably include at least one beautifully told story in which he provides not only the narrative, but sound effects and evocative imagery that uncannily awaken the memories and imaginations of his listeners. The topic of his monologue next Tuesday will be. like the man himself, completely unpredictable, but definitely refreshing.
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