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Time to clean out from under the day beds!

Do You Have any Jean Shepherd Memorabilia?

In my constant quest to preserve anything related to Shep, I'm always looking for new materials related to him.

Many of you 'grew up' with Jean Shepherd and may have recorded one of his shows or other performances, clipped an article about him, or took photos of him. Maybe you even have the ticket stub from one of his performances.

No matter how trivial it may seem, let me know what you have. My intent is to preserve as much Shep related material as possible before it disappears forever.

If you wish to retain the original materials, I am happy to settle for a good copy. Even if you don't want it posted on the website, I will honor that, but would like to document whatever you have.  

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I am constantly collecting little 'tidbits' of information regarding Shep and placing them in the stack of things to follow up on and make sense of. As the pile has grown, I've decided to place them here, on this page, in the hopes that maybe I can jog someone's memory and get more of the stories.

Notre Dame

In May 1973 Shep did a show at Notre Dame.

1958 Musical

Shep had John Cassavettes as a guest during a 1958 show and mentions that he was working on a musical at the time. Recently there was a script that surfaced through the Lois Nettleton estate which was dated September 11, 1958 and was being sold for $450. Suppoedly he was working on this for Composer and Playwright Hugh Martin.

Fish Bait

One of Shep's shows was dedicated to fishing the rivers of the Midwest. He gave the following 'personal' recipe fot the ideal bait to catch channel catfish.

Corn meal - 1/2 box in boiling water
The day before get a pig or beef liver, about 1/2 lb, put it on the porch, in the sun, for 1 or 2 days. Cut it into little pieces. Put handfulls in the water to boil, before the cornmeal. Add cornmeal until it gets real thick. Before it gets hard, roll it into balls. Sink it to the bottom.

Anyone know what show this was?


Heres an article showing Jean Shepherd with the creators of Dondi and Kerry-Drake.

Any help on dating the event and identifying the newspaper?

My guess mid-sixties - Daily News

The Moon is Blue

Based on F. Hugh Herberts 1951 play

Another show that didn't get off the ground?

Southern Baptist Hour - "From the Most High Cometh Healing"

Sunday July 30 1961 WNBC TV NY Ch 4

... Jean Shepherd will narrate the program

Preview and schedule

Spoken Words

10:00 to 10:55 July 14, 1978
WNYC AM - Jean Shepherd reads from his short stories

One Sheridan Square

Any further info

Jean Shepherd plus The Tarriers

Dec 19 to 31 1960