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Village Voice Concert Packs Town Hall, Makes History
Airdate: Wednesday - February 6, 1957

Last Update: 01-22-2012

Show Description
History was made last Saturday night at Town Hall, according to the management, when the largest crowd ever to attend any event there packed the hall for the Village Voice's first all-star jazz show. All 1400 seats were filled, and the overflow had to be accommodated on the stage and as standees in the rear of the balcony. Actually every seat had been sold out by the middle of the previous week, and when the doors opened at 11 p.m. there were lines of people stretching down the street, hoping to pick up cancellations. The audience responded enthusiastically to the musicians and to master of ceremonies Jean Shepherd, who was characterized in the Herald Tribune the following day as "a kind of Boswell for people who stay up all night." Commenting on the success of the newspaper's first venture into a new field, Voice publisher Edwin Fancher said yesterday: "This astounding response by almost 2000 people grew out of a compound of three elements: great musicians, Jean Shepherd, and the extraordinary loyalty of Village Voice readers. This paper is enthusiastic about the present and optimistic about the future. The Voice is just beginning to play the role it should play as a Village newspaper - the role of sponsor of the arts." The Musicians The musicians for the evening included some of 'the greatest names in modern jazz - Tony Scott, Jay Jay Johnson, Lee Konitx, Don Elliott, Roy Eldridge, Coleman Hawkins, Charlie Mingus, Randy Weston, George Wallington, Oscar Pettiford, Osie Johnson, Zoot Sims, Carl Kiffe, and Phil Woods. The vocalists were Millie Burton, Adelaide Hall, and Helen Merrill. Bob Maltz was the producer.
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January 09,1957
Village Voice Jazz Concerts

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