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Mitch Miller Will Be TV Host Of N.B. C. Series Due Jan. 27
Airdate: Monday - November 21, 1960

Television Show

Last Update: 01-03-2011

Show Description
"Sing Along With Mitch," first televised on "Ford Startime" last spring as a special program, will become a regularly scheduled feature Jan. 27 on the National Broadcasting Company network. Mitch Miller, an executive of ColumbIa Records, Inc., will be the host on the series. It will be televised every other Friday from 9 to 10 P. M., alternating with the "Bell Telephone Hour." The television audience will be invited to participate in the song fests presented by Mr. Miller and the professional talent on the show. The series will be produced and directed by Bill Hobin and written by Gordon Cotler. Jean Shepherd in TV Debut The long pending television debut of "Inside Jean Shepherd," which had been announced and then canceled by WOR-TV, has been rescheduled for Friday at9 P. M. On WOR radio, Mr. Shepherd has been billed for some years "as the last of the independent thinkers - the man who has always been 'far out.' " The half-hour television program will be presented each Friday at the same hour, WOR-TV said. It said that Mr. Shepherd "will speak about life and its variations, about people and their variations." When hard pressed to illustrate, he even will use persons to emphasize his point the station said. TV Strike Vote Tonight The question of whether the Screen Actors Guild will authorize a strike against the television networks will be answered at a membership meeting tonight in Beverly Hills, Calif. The meeting in the Beverly Hilton Hotel will begin at l1 o'clock, New York time. The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, which has been negotiating jointly with the guild, has already authorized a strike. There have been no bargaining sessions between the unions and the networks since Wednesday. The federation's national board rejected contract proposals made by the networks at the last meeting. The unions' contracts with the networks expired at midnight last Tuesday. Both sides have been preparing for a strike. 'Open End' to Go to NBC "Open End" is headed for open country on a one-shot basis. The show, seen here over WNTA-TV, Will have a nationwide airing on Dec. 6 at 10 P. M. over N.B.C. - TV. David Susskind, the moderator, will appear with five comedians to chat about anything that comes to mind. Th.e comedians are Jimmy Durante, Grocho Marx, Buddy Hackett, George Burns and Joey Bishop. Although the series is "open-ended" on WNTA-TV, the network version will be limited to an hour. The program, incidentally, represents a network tryout for a proposed series Mr. Susskind has tried to sell to a network. The series, which would feature chit chat by comedians each week, initially was titled "Happy Talk." This title, however, ran into legal conflict with a song of the same name in "South Pacific."
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November 21,1960

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