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'Let's Stamp Out Cadillacs,' Say Village Rally Riders.
Airdate: Wednesday - July 17, 1957

Last Update: 01-17-2012

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If anyone doubted that auto rallies are totally unrelated to the I kind of mayhem that goes an periodically at Le Mans and Indianapolis, his doubts would have been set to rest Sunday afternoon. The man who walked off with the trophy at the first Greenwich Village Auto Rally had his wife sitting next to him as pilot and his 74 year old mother in the back seat as a passenger. The Voice - sponsored rally, which began and ended on Washington Place, just west of the Square, drew a crowd of onlookers that had probably never seen such an array of foreign and sports can in one place. The sporting fraternity made no effort to hide its scorn for run-of-the-mill conveyances. A sticker carried by one emblem-studded Jaguar read: "Help Stamp Out Cadillacs." Two-Foot Trophy Gathering the contestants around him, Rally Steward Jean Shepherd wondered aloud what a man In a one-room apartment on MacDougal Street would do with a two-foot trophy. Slouching down in the opulent simplicity of an MG, one driver mumbled: "Who lives in one room on MacDougal Street?" Which seemed a fair estimate of the group. "You know what It takes to win a rally? Great reflexes and a maneuverable car," one girl remarked rather pointlessly to a lip-biting driver moving up to starting line. "Don't talk to the driver while the bus Is in motion," he said, cutting her off. What's a rally? A timed contest in which all the contestants must obey the rules of the road. At the Village rally, each pilot was handed a sheet of about 100 Instructions, just a minute before take-off. From there on, and for the next hour or so, each car wove the most intricate pattern of travel through the streets of lower New York that could be devised. The first man to win a prize was Bruce Gornick, of California, who picked up the best poker hand - a card at each check-point - of anyone in the rally. Gornick, who heroically drove his DKW without a pilot, had his loneliness assuaged with a case of Heineken's imported Holland beer. Trophy Winner Stockbroker Werne Kramarsky, activities chairman for the Jaguar Owners' Association, acted as Rally Master and in that capacity toted up the scores. The competitors and the rest of the of officials adjourned to Slim Brundage's Colledge of Complexes, at 139 West 10th, to celebrate the day's doings. Top man was Bill Vaughan, who drove a Skoda 440 with his wife LaVerne piloting and the senior Mrs. Vaughan in the back seat. Vaughan, who runs the Continental Car Combine, 1141 Broadway, had the satisfaction of seeing the car he has the agency for bring home the prize. Henry White, also with his wife as pilot, took second place in a Jaguar. Third prize went to college student George W. Prina, with Dick Wong, who is on the editorial desk at International News Photos, piloting the MG 'A.' The Jaguar Owners' Association supervised the rally and supplied the officials. Beside Kramarsky, AI Kalet and Phaine Engle were responsible for making the rally a success and keeping it cheerful.
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July 17,1957
Village Voice

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