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Airdate: Friday - March 11, 1938

Last Update: 01-07-2013

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WASHINGTON_ D. C .. March 11. - Twenty four amateur radio stations are listed at Hammond in a report revised and brought up to date today by the Federal Communications commission for the benefit of communities which may be stricken by a calamity that cuts off other communication facilities. These 24 at Hammond are part of an army of 20,000 stations whose operators give their time and spend their own money to be ready to serve in emergencies such as the recent California flood, the Ohio valley flood of over a year ago and many other such disasters. Perform Service The list is kept on file in Washington make the facilities at all hours available to the American Red Cross, the war department, police and other governmental agencies. Before a license is granted, a pledge is given not to commercialize the facilities in any way. Operators are given wide discretion, however, in what they send and thus from day to day perform a neighborly service for persons who have friends in far off places. List of Stations At the service of the community at Hammond are following: Eugene Westerwelle, 1323 - 150th street, W9DRJ Boles Stanley Rutowski, 2918 - 165th street, W9QWK John A. Delegan, 1129 - 167th street, W9V1Z John Stanley Anderson, 6813 Arizona avenue, W9YEI Gilbert George Galambus, 6713 Arkansas avenue, W9JZA Edward Kocman, 4743 Baltimore avenue, WOROF John A. Rosinski, 4739 Baltlmore avenue, W9SBA Jean Parker Shepherd, Jr., 2907 Cleveland street, W9QWN John Sherry, 6412 Columbia avenue, W9QVQ Charles Egbert Barnhart, 513 Conkey st., WDABC Harold E Minor, 446 Detroit street, W9WJU Vernon L. Harnack, 3015 Forest avenue, W9LMO William A. Malkewicz, 158 Gostlin street, W9PUP Philip Henry Beatty, 50 Highland street, W9SAF Adolphus J . Murden, 5414 Hohman avenue, W9EZK Thomas C. MacCalla, Jr., 2732 Kenwood street, W9CB Harold Kazen, 943 May street, W9UIO Orville A. Hineline, 6418 Molsberger place, W9ETA John Charles Fisher, 6318 Morain avenue, W9TEX Stanley Ashton Roper, 825 Sibley street, W9QWJ Allen Wayne Church, 4339 Wabash avenue, W9YCA Robert C. Mehan, 5546 Walter avenue, W9QBV John Ralston Miller, 37 Waltham street, W9CP Marshall R. Chandler, 26 Warren street W9KRT
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March 11,1938
Hammond Times

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

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