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Airdate: Monday - July 6, 1959

Jean Shepherd and Other Foibles

Last Update: 12-26-2015

Show Description
JEAN SHEPHERD - "Jean Shepherd and other Foibles" (Elektra. Album). Generally, this department has rated the record ventures of "monolog" comedians as unsuccessful because much of their impact is visual. But today's previews are the efforts of radio veterans whose distinctive - to put it mildly - personalities "project" effectively on wax. Shepherd is an Iconoclast who goes around smashing idols with a velvet-wrapped, almost tender hammer. His is an unique brand of satire-satire totally without viciousness. A funny cat Indeed, as proven by dissertations on topics ranging from credit cards ("The Esso people Love me . . . I Belong") to the guy who finally works up courage to purge himself of a lifetime frustration by calling an unknown gal whose number he spotted scrawled In a phone booth. Shepherd has the right number, wrong approach.) Diverting stuff recommended to all "night people."
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