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Airdate: 1971

Television Episode

Fan Description
[ Courtesy: Pete Delaney - - ] As a child Jean had a desire to be invisible, to have x-ray glasses and to fly. As an adult, he was able only to achieve the flying. On a peaceful beach Shep flies a kite and recalls when his Dad's beloved, huge, hand-made kite snapped it's string over Lake Michigan and sailed off forever causing the elder Shepherd to commiserate by downing two quarts of scotch. Then it's off to a private airport and Jean Shepherd's private plane. After a pre-flight check, Shep smugly sits it the cockpit and relates the tale of another one of his father's aviation exploits - a brief trip in a barnstorming plane that even made him feel 10 feet tall. Shepherd then gives a masterful account of the sheer terror and overwhelming ecstasy experienced by a pilot when he or she takes their first solo flight. This episode also exposed the cumbersome nature of the supposedly portable video-tape system as the equipment was too large to fit into Shepherd's plane. An old fashioned 16mm film camera had to be used.


Music used on the show: "Sonic Contours" Peaceful Harmonica Music"Sonic Contours" Peaceful Harmonica Music
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