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Playboy meets the Beatles
Airdate: Saturday - January 30, 1965

Last Update: 06-08-2013

Show Description
The current issue of Playboy Magazine features a hair raising interview with the Beatles. The dialog taped by WOR New York deejay Jean Shepherd during one of the groups frantic one-nighter tours in the British Isles is neatly calculated to demolish the Beatles image as "nice clean cut boys" forevermore. Fortified by what Shepherd describes as "a goodly supply of Coke, Tea, and Booze," the Beatles "put on" "Playboy" while simultaneously putting down religion, "unbalanced" U.S. fans, the "puritan" press, Jayne Mansfield, and Playboy Clubs. Speaking for the group, John Lennon said they were "more agnostic than atheistic." It's "the hypo-critical side of it which I can't stand," explained Lennon. "Like the clergy is always moaning about people being poor, while they themselves are all going around with millions of quid worth of robes on." "In America," added Paul McCartney, "they're fanatical about God." Unbalanced Americans Paul also contended " a lot of Americans are unbalanced." Pressed for specifics, he said " I've met some really maniac American girls." One in particular named Lily claimed to have a message from God. "God had said, 'Listen, Lil, Paul is waiting for you; he's in love with you and he wants to marry you, so go down and meet him and he'll know you right away." According to Paul "You wouldn't hardly ever meet somebody like that in England, but there seemed to me to be a lot like her in America." Paul is the anti-Jayne Mansfield Beatle. "You won't print that anyway, of course," he told Shepherd, "because Playboy is very pro Mansfield. They think she's a rave. But she really is an old bag." The Beatles also gave the Playboy Clubs a hard time. "They're for dirty old men," said Ringo Starr, "not for the likes of us - dirty young men." The Beatles obviously had the most fun "getting on" Shepherd when he got around to Playboy's favorite subject - sex. Shepherd questioned: "seriously, is there more homosexuality in England than elsewhere?" And George Harrison cracked, "It's just that they've got crewcuts in America. You can't spot 'em." Ringo chimed in, "If they (the British press) find out that somebody is a bit bent, the press will always splash it around. Right, agreed Paul, "Take Profumo, for example. He's just an ordinary fellow who sleeps with women. Yet it's adultery in the eyes of the law, and it's an international incident. Scotch Drinking Men In the eyes of Playboy's Shepherd, "The Beatles are grown-up, Scotch-drinking men who know what the world expects of them - which is to be Beatles and to wear long hair, funny clothes and be cute. Shepherd opined that George is "the truest swinger among them, he is also the most sarcastic, and egotistical." John "is a is a rather cool customer, far less hip than he's made out to be and the unacknowledged leader of the group." Paul is "the friendliest of the lot," and Ringo "is a curious contrast with the others, taciturn, even a bit sullen." All in all it's fascinating dialog. However we'll wager the dialog between the Beatles and manager Brian Epstein (after he read the article) was even more fascinating, not to mention the explosive reaction of some U.S. father when he discovers his 12-year-old daughter had borrowed his copy of "Playboy."
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