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WMMR-FM 93.3 Philadelphia - Ed Sciaky Show
Airdate: December 1971

Radio Guest

Show Description
Shep makes excuses about being late saying he was taping the show for McLean and Company (12-30-69 airing) He comically answers questions from listeners: When did you stop saying "Saturday night is a poor man's Mardi Gras?" - "I don't recall saying that" Where do you get the music on your show?" - "I invented all that" "Have you been back to Alaska?" - "No" (He talks a little about the climate in Alaska having been there to tape J.S. America) "Can you tell us about the great ice cream war?" - "It's too long a story" Shep explains that he does't like to tell the same story over and over again. Live performances versus the radio show. The radio show has an introduction, a build-up to the commercial at 10:30 and then he builds up the 2nd section hitting the peak of the story just as the theme comes up. Shows are live, but he keeps 4 or 5 in the can for an emergency in case he is gone. Going on a University tour beginning December 15th to such places as the Univ of Missouri and won't be back until about Christmas. Has taped shows for that sequence. Plug for "Declassified Jean Shepherd" Music - recorded with Charles Mingus. 30 to 40 concerts a year A lot of 'on-camera' stuff - a lot of it for out of town - The Chicago Sun-Times Thinks of himself as a performer - not necessarily a radio man Discussing the stories he tells he says he makes the outcome worse than it was. What he puts into a story is true to a degree. It's a combination of experience and observation. Demonstrates how to play the Jews Harp playing it along with the commercials.
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Engineer and others in Booth
By: Jim Clavin
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