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Shepherd Fired, Hired, Lost, Found
Airdate: Monday - September 3, 1956

Last Update: 11-09-2012

Show Description
THE SEARCH for Bridey Murphy was rivaled last week by WOR New York's "manhunt" for ex-employe Jean Shepherd [At Deadline Aug. 20]. On Aug. 17 the station, which had fired Mr. Shepherd, described as an "off-beat" disc jockey, last week re-hired him. Mr. Shepherd had been discharged on Aug. 17 because he delivered a commercial on his after-midnight program for Sweetheart soap, which had not paid lor the time, to prove that be was "commercial" and not merely "talented and emdite," as WOR officials had been telling him for sometime. Sweetheart soap, however, was intrigued by Mr. Shepherd's talent and offered to sponsor him on WOR. On Aug. 26 the station telephoned Mr. Shepherd's home in New Jersey. No Mr. Shepherd. His agent did not know his whereabouts. Another sponsor, the Linguaphone Institute, called WOR to place an order for the Shepherd program. Still no Mr. Shepherd. After wires, phone calls and newspaper ads, Mr. Shepherd telephoned the station last Wednesday morning and said he would drop in at 11 a.m. He did, and signed his contract. He said that be had been appearing in an educational film in Connecticut. Station executives were slightly mollified (and gratified) to hear that Mr. Shepherd had learned about the "manhunt" on WOR early Wednesday morning. He was scheduled to begin his new WOR show yesterday (Sunday) and promised to be there - positively. P. S. B-T tried to reach Mr. Shepherd for comment last Thursday evening, but he was unreachable.
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September 03,1956
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