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Jean Shepherd, Satirist Speaker Here May 18
Airdate: Tuesday - May 10, 1960

Last Update: 12-28-2015

Show Description
Jean Shepherd, noted radio personality and satirist, will lecture at Lafayette College Wednesdy, May 18 at 8:30pm in Colton Memorial Chapel. He Will appear under the sponsorship of Soles Hall. Born in Chicago some thirty years ago under stars of evil portent, Shepherd has fought back valiantly. Following his impressive farewell to the army, after World War II, he continued his quest for knowledge at the Universities of Maryland and Indiana where he majored in "Monopoly", dabbled is psychology, and had a terrible time with chemistry. Famous Monologist Jean Shepherd, ". . . whose gift for uninterrupted monologue is one of the wonders of the world," said John Crosby, has been building new, loyal, though sometimes bewildered audiences on WOR on Saturday mornings 10:15 to Noon and Sunday night, 9:05 - 1:00am. Behind a clever faade of humor, he offers sharp biting criticism of today's world and 20th Century Man. A typical show may run from reminiscences of his childhood experiences to more serious discussions on music, ethics, or the future of ketchup in American life. His writings have been published in "The Village Voice", and magazines ranging from "Mad" to the national "slick". Metronome Magazine recently acclaimed him "Jazz Personality of the Year." Jean Shepherd's experience and insight, combined with his truly fabulous understanding of humor and music and his awareness of this tied old world, make him one of today's most fascinating and refreshing conversationalists. Write Excelsior Tickets may be purchased from various salesmen on campus or by writing to: Excelsior, Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania.
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