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Unqualified Success
Airdate: Wednesday - July 29, 1959

Last Update: 01-30-2012

Show Description
This year's Village Voice Sports and Foreign Car Rallye, which took place this past Sunday at Washington Square East, will go down in history as one of the I most successful events ever held in the Village. Capping off an excellent run of weather, over 30 entrants had signed up by starting time. A few late arrivals had to be turned away but remained as spectators, along with many other cars, including a Rolls Royce, a Franklyn, and the Voice's press car of the day, a 1922 BMW "Dixie" convertible. At the Mike At the scheduled starting hour of 11 am, Jean Shepherd took the microphone and for over an hour spoke to the large audience gathered to watch the proceedings. As each car paraded past, a full description of its history, price, and potentialities was rendered by Jean in his own inimitable style. A few stray sightseeing buses which use that part of the park to get into the Village were wildly applauded as they inadvertently got themselves jammed up among the rallye entrants. At the stroke of 12:01, Bob Plumer, president of the Greenwich Village Motor Sports Club, who had planned the route the cars were to follow, started off the number-one car, a 1948 TC-MG marked with the letter "A". It was driven by Spike Landsman, who won the Voice rallye last year (under suspicious circumstances, and he was thereafter followed by the rest of the pack at one-minute intervals. Scenic Route A very interesting scenic route had been laid out for the cars to follow, and only one machine went astray, with the winner (on points) arriving back at the starting grid an hour and 19 minutes later, as scheduled. It was amazing that fewer cars didn't drop out, since there were many drivers entered for the first time in any such event. A novice prize was awarded for the best first-time rallyist, with regular first, second, and third awards given to drivers with some experience. One interesting facet of the day developed when it was discovered that the Voice rallye was in competition with several other events held in other parts of the city. It is nice to note that the satisfactory turnout proved the Interest and value of this annual feature. The notice of the awards was given out at Andy's, a sportniks' hangout on Christopher Street that was packed to the rafters with car enthusiasts drowning their sorrows and/or joys in the host, Stefan's, good booze. The winners will receive their trophies at the nest meeting of the GVMSC, August 6, and I believe rallye plaques will be forthcoming later.
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