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Jean Shepherd on Campus
Airdate: Tuesday - April 21, 1959

Last Update: 01-29-2017

Show Description
A spark of cultural life grew unaided from a dream to a reality. A few students who had for some time been aware of a American phenomenon decided to bring him to Lafayette College for exposure to the whole student body. Radio Celebrity In recent years a fellow has been working on the radio in New York taking advantage of the privilege that we Americans are so proud of - free speech. Jean Shepherd is a man with some very definite and often controversial ideas on the world and its foibles. He is also a man who is not afraid to express these ideas to all who will listen. His candor has gathered for him a group of followers who find that his observations are not without a great amount of truth. Among these followers are a good number of college students who are often made uneasy by the world in which they live. Difficulties Encountered A small percentage of these students are here at Lafayette and they have decided to bring Jean Shepherd to this campus for the edification of those who do not know that such a man exists. Initially, the efforts of these men encountered difficulties. The idea was suggested informally to the chairman of the Convocations Committee. He was quite unenthusiastic. It was next presented to the Student Council in order to enlist their financial aid. Unfortunately, the council while interested, did not have the funds available. Soles to Sponsor But the cause was continued and the idea has been realized. In order to bring Mr. Shepherd to Lafayette the Arts and Science Committee of Soles Hall (fraternities arise!) has provided, from personal funds, the financial backing necessary to present this program. It has been announced that the proceeds from this program will be donated to the College Library. Jean Shepherd is coming to Lafayette College to express the ideas that many of us believe but are often afraid to express. For some it will be the renewing of an old, perhaps forgotten experience. For others it will be a personal contact with the man behind the voice which finds us each Sunday night over the miles. For many curious and vital students we hope this will be a new and interesting experience to increase and develop their intellectual activities in a pleasant way. As Jean Shepherd so often asks as he sits before his microphone, alone, in his small, dark studio. "Is there anyone out there who is listening?" We hope that many will be able to answer this question when he visits Lafayette.
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April 21,1959
The Lafayette

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

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