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Voice Sports-Car Rally Set
Airdate: Wednesday - July 3, 1957

Last Update: 01-14-2012

Show Description
Jean Shepherd will act as Rally Steward at Greenwich Village's first foreign and sports car rally. The event, which is sponsored by The Village Voice, is scheduled for Sunday, July 14, when the entrants will assemble on Washington Place, just off the Square, at 12.30 in the afternoon. The first car will check out at 1.01. Participants in the rally will be handed the route one minute before they take off. A test of skill and ingenuity rather than speed, the winner will not necessarily be the driver who covers the course in the shortest time, but the one who comes closest to covering it in the time which has been previously de-termined for the route by the judges. All traffic regulations must be observed, and there will be three check-points along the way. Anyone interested In participating in the rally is invited to fill out the form immediately below and send It to The Village Voice 22 Greenwich Avenue, New York 11, N. Y.
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July 03,1957
Village Voice Article

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