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Airdate: 1959


Last Update: 07-05-2015

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Shep helped John Cassavetes raise funding for this movie by having John as one of his rare guests on his radio show one Sunday night in February 1957. As a show of gratitude, Cassavetes expressed his thanks in the opening credits of the movie. Shep was so committed to the project that he loaned his assistant Ellen Paulos to Cassavetes to help with the film. Shep and Ellen had small parts. Gina Rowlands, John's wife also appeared. Author Ray Carney has written many books on John Cassavetes and has a website full of interesting facts about Shadows and Cassavetes career. Www. Thanks to him and Gene Bergmann for providing the information on this page.
John went on Shep's radio show, because he had plugged Edge of the City. Shep inspired a "People's Premier" of the movie as part of a 22 hour long program on WOR. See article below.
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• Ray Carney's John Cassavetes tribute
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