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Barry Farber Show
Airdate: Thursday - June 26, 1975

Radio Guest

Show Description
Barry and Shep talk about "The Great Inverted Bowl of Darkness" which became "Phantom of the Open Hearth". Barry reads some of the opening lines from the script. (This may be the only documentation existing of what certainly was an early draft. Most of it appeared differently in the final film.) Shep tells the story about the obscene bath mat he wound up "owning" as the result of a joke by one of the WOR salesmen "Guinness Records and the Obscene Bath Mat" 1-14-66. He mentions the case of the dissolving pants - "Keep Your Pants On" - 9-23-66 How Barry got started in radio, and a discussion of working in radio with big names. Shep tells about being hired to do a lecture to a company Board about a specific type of jet engine. Turns out the engineer that should have done it, was not good at public speaking, so they had Shep do the presentation and then he would leave "to go back to Detroit" when the question and answer period started.
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Engineer and others in Booth
By: Jim Clavin
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Rating: Not Rated
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