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Playboy After Hours
Airdate: August 1961

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Will Failure Spoil Jean Shepherd? (Elektra), on the other hand, finds marathon monologist Shepherd eyeball-deep in his own milieu, exhorting thc Village crowd at One Sheridan Square. Shepherd is sent soaring or plummeting by the little things; he is also a nostalgia nut and can evoke a shimmering image of prewar life in South Chicago, or take off on the eccentricities of modern living: "There's an outfit over near Lexington Avenue that will make up an absolutely uncheckable resume for you. ... Chicago thinks New York is a plot. . . . It's getting so that guys who listen to the Thelonious Monk records think they're talented. . . . There are eighty thousand guys getting Playboy magazine who believe that girls fold out . . . And the Playmate write-ups always sound the same: Mis January is taking courses in Slum Clearance at NYU . . ." Suggesting more candid names for Detroit autos: "How about the Cadillac Narcissus, Dodge Oedipus, Plymouth Son-of-a-Bitch, the low-price Plymouth Bastard, or Ford Lust?" Shepherd also delivers a nine-minute dissertation on radio's Littlc Orphan Annie which rates as a masterpiece to anyone who ever owned a secret decoder pin.
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August 1961

Courtesy: Lou Perry

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