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*This is the number of shows that have been documented. It is an estimate since some shows may be duplicates or re-runs of earlier broadcasts. Based on his 20+ years on WOR alone, there may have been close to 5,000 broadcasts of his shows, however there were occaisions that some broadcasts were reruns of earlier shows so the actual number of unique shows is hard to determine.
summaryMay 1974
Food Surprise
summaryApril 30, 1976
Frozen Milky Way Bars, George Anthiel, Most Unusual Play and Concert
summaryMarch 26, 1960
Blowing Bubbles
summaryMarch 19, 1975
TV Commercials
summaryJanuary 22, 1971
summaryJanuary 8, 1974
Unusual Hobbies Saluted on Stamps
summaryJanuary 1, 1973
Shepherd's New Year's Resolutions; Shep Repents
summaryNovember 22, 1958
Creatures of Nature
summaryNovember 8, 1958
Making History Because it Makes Sense - Reaching the Apex of Life
summaryNovember 1, 1958
Shep's Neolithic Period
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1976 Includes many Syndicated Shows
(I.E. Boston) which may be duplicates of WOR broadcasts and usually broadcast a week later.