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Fired Over Plug, 'All is Forgiven'
Airdate: Wednesday - August 29, 1956

Last Update: 07-29-2020

Show Description
NEW YORK, Aug. 28 (UP). - A "come home, all's forgiven" message went out today to Jean Shepherd, radio disc jockey, who was fired for giving a free commercial to a soap company. The company was so pleased with Shepherd's kind deed that it now wants to sponsor him on a four-hour program every Sunday night. That is, if the 33-year-old rugged individualist of the air waves can be found. He disappeared from his usual haunts, paper and radio brought him out of hiding. SPONSOR CRIES FOR HIM "Jean Shepherd," one ad said "if you see this ad please contact us at once. Major soap manufacturer wants to sponsor you over WOR commencing Sunday night at 9:05 P.M. Urgent! ! WOR radio." WOR backed up its plea by having the all-night disc jockey who replaced Shepherd broadcast appeals for him to "come home, Jean, all's forgiven." Dick Jackson, head of the station's public relations department conducted of Shepherd's Greenwich Village haunts, telephoned Shepherd's friends and left messages for him all over town. PHILA. EX-DISC JOCKEY "We've got to find him by tomorrow," Jackson said. "That's our deadline for scheduling next Sunday's shows. We've already bumped several programs, religious programs, and if Shepherd doesnt turn up, we'll just have to play music." Shepherd, former Philadelphia disc jockey, began creating a stir several weeks on behalf of his fellow "night people" against "day people," perpetrated a literary hoax against the "squares" who work all day and sleep at night. FINALLY WRITES BOOK At Shepherds bidding, his night people listeners went to libraries and book stores demanding a non-existent book titled "I Libertine." So many requests for it poured in that Shepherd and Theodore Sturgeon wrote the book, which was published last week. Meantime, Shepherd's employer decided that his program must come to an end because the "night people" who tuned in on his programs did not attract advertisers. The audience did not buy the products that were plugged, the station maintained. Shepherd took exception to this one night by giving a free ad to the soap. He was shut off the air immediately.
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August 29,1956
The Philadelphia Inquirer

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