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Commercials and Voiceovers
Shep's distinctive voice was heard on many commercials

So many times we would be sitting around watching TV or listening to the radio when "all of a sudden" Shep's distinctive voice bellows out over the speaker doing a sales pitch for some product. Shep did a lot of commercials on his radio shows, but he also did other commercials for broadcast on Television and Radio.

He also did several voiceovers, the most famous being for the Disney Carousel of Progress.

A partial listing of some of the TV and Radio commercials, and voiceovers he did follows.

Thanks to Pete Delaney and Steve Glazer

If anyone has any other audio files of these, I would like to post them. 

TV Commercials
Triumph Spitfire
Radio Commercials
  "A Fine Madness" 1966 Movie
  Alfa-Romeo Cars
Alka-Seltzer #1 - Metropoliton Hockey Stadium with Stanley Zudock
Alka-Seltzer #2 - Martin Mitchum Eats Italian
Alka-Seltzer #3 - Norman Quackenbush and Hot Dogs
Alka-Seltzer #4 - Chester the Clown and Pepperoni Pizza
Alka-Seltzer #5 - Volunteer Fireman's Picnic
  Alka-Seltzer #6 - Old Lady's Piano Delivery
Alka-Seltzer #7 - Today's Mystery Sound
Alka-Seltzer #8 - Floyd Bumpus Watches Football
Amercian Cancer Society
American Gas Foundation
  Carvel Ice Cream
  "The Face Of FuManchu"  1964 Movie
  Greyhound Bus
  Household Finance (From WPGC in Washington, DC on October 20, 1980)
Illinois Tool Works #1
Illinois Tool Works #2
Illinois Tool Work #3
Joe Franklin's Memory Lane
  Land Rover
  Millbrook Bread
  New York Times
Rapid Shave
Rheingold Beer - 10 Commercials from Mets Games
  Sealtest Ice Cream
  Stren Monofilament Fishing Line (Mentioned on 5-26-1970 show)
  Sylvania TV
  Vlasic Pickles
  Willy's Jeeps with Bob and Ray
WOR promo #1 from 1974 - Shep announces time change from 10:15 to 9:15
WOR promo #2 from 1974 - Shep announces time change from 10:15 to 9:15
  Yankee Doodles - TV with James Coco (Mentioned on 5-26-1970 show)
notes Narration of "Carousel of Progress", G.E. Exhibit / Disneyworld, Florida
notes Goggomobile - March 1959 Evergreen Review
notes 1958 - ISOPHASE speakers from Pickering and Company/span>