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Shep was on the radio for over 30 years

Although he was involved with writing books, movies, and countless magazine stories, this is the medium from which many of his fans remember him. Most notably for the WOR New York Years.

Preservation and dating of old shows

Radio Stations
Radio Timeline
<<~1938-39 WJOB Hammond Indiana
High School sports commentary
~Jan. 30, 1947 - ~June 3, 1947 (Possibly past August) WSAI Cincinnati
1948 WCKY Cincinnati - Announcer
4-19-1948 WLEC Sandusky Ohio
March 7, 1949 - March 17, 1949 WKRC Cincinnati
July 1, 1949 - March 31, 1951 WSAI Cincinnati
April 4, 1951- March 4, 1953 KYW Philadelphia
Approx May 1, 1953- January 30, 1954 WLW Cincinnati
Feb 26, 1955 to April 1, 1977 WOR New York
1956 ABC Radio Network (almost)
1971-1984 NPR Radio
1974? NBC Radio
1977-79? CBS Radio
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Shep's 'favorite' part of the show was the commercials.

He always considered them an unnecessary interruption to his train of thought and flow of material and many times commented so.

Quite often Shep appeared on other Radio Shows, such as Long John Nebel, usually to promote his books or other works.

Misc Radio Related Events

Radio Syndication

A deal was struck with KRAB in Seattle to have them rebroadcast some of the shows over a period from 1965 to 1976. Shep announces the first of these during his October 30, 1965 Live at the Limelight broadcasts.

The KRAB website discusses the arrangements. They mention in one of their guides:"KRAB's last Jean Shepherd. Apparently someone else has come up with the money to buy these programs. It was most likely Shep - see "International Jawbreakers" below.

International Jawbreaker
Formed by Jean Shepherd, Leigh Brown, Laurie and Herb Squire.

They distributed a syndicated version of "The Jean Shepherd Show" from April 76 through about April 1, 77.
Leigh Brown was Shep's producer and later became his wife.
Herb Squire was an engineer for WOR and was Shep's engineer from the late 60's to 1977 when Shep left WOR.
Herb's wife Laurie was Shep's producer for a couple of years, initially just the syndication duties,
and then she produced the WOR show until its conclusion in 1977.

These were 30 minute formats of earlier 45 minute WOR shows.
The commercials were removed and some of Shep's dialog to make the 30 minute package.

According to the contract stations would receive 2 30 minute tapes per week at $8.00 / week for the first 13 weeks and $10.00 / week thereafter. Lost tapes would have to be paid for by the stations at a rate of $3.50 per tape and $9.50 per mailing container.

Hartwest Productions

Shep recorded a group of shows in the mid 1960s (Late 1964-65) for Hartwest Productions. These shows were never aired or released until in 2005 they were licensed to Choice Ventures who is releasing them on sets of CDs.

It is not certain if Shep had any financial interest in this production company.

Radio Section Credits
star Special thanks to Lowell Thelin for his endless hours searching NY Times microfilm for a large portion of the New York time schedules.
The NPR information was provided courtesy of Art Silverman.
The information regarding his Cincinnati radio days was extracted from a posting by Jack Rothwell on the Old Radio Network.