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Books Written By Shep and Book Signings
Last Update: 2-28-2012
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Jean Shepherd wrote 6 books, but did Introductions and Forwards for many others. 5 of the 6 books were collections of his short stories which had previously appeared mostly in Playboy and Car and Driver Magazine. "Phantom of the Open Hearth" was based on his movie of the same name which was also based on many of his short stories. The last book, "A Christmas Story" contains 5 short stories which were used in the movie and originally were published in "In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash" and "Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories and Other Disasters". Contrary to what it appears to be, the book is not a transcript of the screenplay or even close. It is merely a reprint of the short stories in their original printed form.

There have been many references to upcoming books by both Shep and others.

One was called "Pretty Rubies in the Air" and is referenced at the bottom of the WRTI Article. I don't know if it was a misprint or a project that was dropped.

In the October 1960 issue of Metronome Shep wrote a short story called "Old Man Oshenschlager." At the end of the piece the editor made the following note: "Old Man Oshenschlager" is from Shepherd's forthcoming book, "Bubbles in the Air." That book never evolved either

Another was T. S., Mac / The Secret Mission of the Blue-Assed Buzzard rumored in Playboy to be about the Army.

Books Written By Shep
PhotoI, Libertine

by: Frederick Ewing

September 13, 1956 - New York, Ballantine Books

PhotoIn God We Trust - All Others Pay Cash

by: Jean Shepherd

October 1966 - New York : Doubleday

PhotoWanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories and Other Disasters

by: Jean Shepherd

September 1, 1971 - Doubleday

PhotoThe Ferrari in the Bedroom

by: Jean Shepherd

1972 - Dodd, Mead

PhotoPhantom of the Open Hearth

by: Jean Shepherd

1978 -

PhotoA Fistful of Fig Newtons

by: Jean Shepherd

1981 - Doubleday

PhotoA Christmas Story

by: Jean Shepherd

October 2003 - Broadway Books

PhotoAudio Book version of "A Christmas Story"


October 26, 2004 -

PhotoT.S. Mac - The Secret Mission of the Blue-Assed Buzzard (Unreleased)

by: Jean Shepherd

Rumored - Rumored to be Doubleday

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Book Signings
  Date Description
April 8, 1957
Booksigning - I Libertine
Marboro Books
October 20, 1966
Booksigning - "In God We Trust..."
Brandeis University
November 13, 1966
Booksigning - "In God We Trust..."
Village Limelight
December 28, 1966
Booksigning - "In God We Trust..."
Book House in Plainfield, NJ
September 3, 1971
Booksigning - "Wanda Hickey..."
Plainfield Bookshop
September 3, 1971
Booksigning - "Wanda Hickey..."
Bookhouse - Plainfield NJ
September 9, 1971
Booksigning - "Wanda Hickey..."
The Red Bank Bookstore
September 14, 1971
Booksigning - "Wanda Hickey..."
Bedminster Bookshop
Late September 1971
Booksigning - "Wanda Hickey..."
Morristown NJ
October 29, 1971
Booksigning - "Wanda Hickey..."
Brantano's in the Village
November 6, 1971
Booksigning - "Wanda Hickey..."
Princeton Book Mart
November 27, 1971
Booksigning - "Wanda Hickey..."
Walden Books - Woodbridge Center
Fall 1971
Booksigning - "Wanda Hickey..."
Doubleday bookshop - NYC
December 1, 1972
Booksigning - "Ferrari in the Bedroom"
Plainfield Bookhouse
July 17, 1982
Booksigning - "A Fistful of Fig Newtons"
The Clinton Bookshop