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The Music
Shep's Favorite Music
"I'm Not A Disc Jockey!"

Although he had a rocky start in his career because of his refusal to play records, Shep used to play a lot of different music on his shows as an underscore to what he was saying at the time.

I am still compiling this list and trying to identify some songs - Notes

Unknown Music
The following were played by Shep, but I have been unable to fully identify them.
If you know any of these eMail me.

The "Instruments"

Some music he made himself

He would often play the Jews Harp, Kazzoo, Nose Flute,
and Guitar to a favorite tune such as "Shiek of Araby"

 The Kazoo

Shep teaches Kazoo playing at Town Hall

The Jew's Harp  (aka Jaw Harp)

The Nose Flute

Some interesting websites

Kazoobie Kazoos