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Fan Pages
Contributions by Shep's Fans

The following "Fan Pages" have been created to display the numerous items contributed by Shep fans from their own collections.

notes Rich Badagliacca Sent in Photos of Shep's house and neighborhood.
notes Rob Bates Sent in several newspaper and magazine articles about Shep.
notes Dan Beach Was Production Coordinator on some of Shep's PBS TV shows
notes Joanne Berg Numerous Columns from the Village Voice, Grump, Crazy, The Realist, and an Article from People Magazine.
notes Eugene Bergmann Photo of Shep signing "I, Libertine" and MUCH more
notes Bruce Clark Invitation for Overseas Press Club Conference, Year One Poster
notes Marco Cialovino Sent images of "The Sons of the Whiskey Rebellion" album and his autographed copy of IGWT.
notes Suellen Crowley Sent some more photos of Shep's Sanibel home and a couple of her own.
notes Pete Delaney Photos of a Shep book signing, Shep's Greenwich Village townhouse, screen shots of a live show at Clinton NJ, and a review of the play "A Banquet for the Moon in which Shep appeared.
Also he supplied a variety of radio and TV commercials that Shep did.
notes Steve Farkas Pictures of 3907 Cleveland Street and Flick's Tap
notes Bill Forstchen Shares the personal experience of being Shep's neighbor in Maine
notes Ed Goldstein Sent photo from his Stuyvesant High School year book
notes Damien Housman Pictures of Shep's Florida Home
notes Gary W3GZ Photos from "Jean Shepherd's America" press kit
notes Don Knowlton Photo from New Haven Collage appearance, Alka Seltzer Commercial, American Snapshots Introduction.
notes Jackie Lannin Introduction done by Shep for "The America of George Ade"
notes Mike McNulty Photo of Shep Signing, Letter from Leigh, TV Coo Coo Certificate
notes Edward Norton "...And The Rapier Mind Of Radiohood"
notes George Osgoodby Photos of Shep's Fla house and the "Lazy Flamingo"
notes Andy Palley Contributed photos taken at the Overseas Press Club conference, March 2, 1970.
notes Brian Pearson Obituary from the "Sanibel Captiva Islander" 
Photos of Flick's Tap, Cleveland Street, Warren G Harding School, and Shep's home in Florida.
notes Jim Plummer Took photos of Flick's Tap on a recent trip to Hammond
notes Jay Powell Photo of Shep in Rochester college radio station
notes Richard Rogers Photo from December 1976 FDU appearance
notes Mike Schultz "Destry Rides Again" program and Shep at New Hope, Pa Photos
notes Mitch Stone Photo of Shep at Sterns book signing in 1971
notes Lowell Thelin Article from March 1963 Valkyrie News (Somerville High School, New Jersey newspaper)
notes Bill Welsch Sent in many articles and reviews.
notes Robert Yellen Camp Crowder Postcard