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Major Awards
Over the years Shep received many awards, nominations and tributes for his work

In his January 28, 1966 article in the Drexal Triangle, Drexal University, Mike Wadler credits Shep for inventing the game of Trivia. Supposedly born at Columbia University in 1965, Mike says Shep was playing the game on the radio long before that.

Shep had a plaque in his office for a "Functional Trivia Award" presented by Phi Epsilon Pi New York Council in 1961. (What University?)

Dictionary of American Slang
slang In his early years of radio on WOR in New York, during his late night broadcasts, Shep referred to his listeners as "Night People" often explaining how they differed from "Day People". The phrase caught on an credit for the phrase was given in the Dictionary of American Slang.
Dictionary of Midwestern Literature: Volume One
dict  A short biography of Shepherd