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Family, Friends, Teachers, etc.

There were a lot of names involved in Shep's life, some were real and some were characters created for his stories, and some are uncertain. Below is a listing and any information available.

* R - Real Person / F - Fictitious Person / U - Uncertain

Thanks to Rich Badagliacca for his listing of many of the entries and Steve Glazer for filling in many of the blanks.

Who played Who?

Here's a matrix of who played the major characters in all the movies
Professionals and Celebrities inspired by Shep
A.K.A. Notes: Notes Name Relationship  
Lt. Col. Abercrombie U Notes Abercrombie Army Officer
Abernathie U Notes Abernathie Company K - Army Soldier
Eileen Ackers R Notes Ackers , Eileen Classmate
George Ade R Notes Ade , George
Esther Jane Albery R Notes Albery , Esther Jane Classmate
Dorothy Anderson R Notes Anderson , Dorothy Girlfriend, major character
Mr Anderson R Notes Anderson , Jesse Gas Station Owner
Johnny Anderson R Notes Anderson , John Stanley Brother of Dorothy
Charlie Apperson F Notes Apperson , Charlie alias
Pearl Arauz R Notes Arauz , Pearl Classmate
Chuck Atwood U Notes Atwood , Chuck Kid
Aunt Glen R Notes Shepherd , Glenna L Aunt Family
Cousin Arline R Notes Von Beulwitz , Arline Hope Crazy Cousin Family
Cousin Joyce R Notes Von Beulwitz , Joyce Gloria Cousin Family
Buddy U Notes ??? , Buddy Cousin Family
Miss Bailey R Notes Bailey , Alice Rebecca Teacher - 7th grade science
Roger Beanblossom U Notes Beanblossom , Roger Classmate
Melvin Beegee R Notes Beegee , Melvin Kid
Daphne Bigelow R Notes Bigelow , Daphne Character - Classmate
Birnbaum U Notes Birnbaum Army
Blaufelt U Notes Blaufelt Teacher
Miss Bleifeld U Notes Bleifeld Teacher - Hammond High
Miss Bodkin U Notes Bodkin Teacher
Iona Pearl Bodkin U Notes Bodkin , Iona Pearl
Bodkin Family U Notes Bodkin Family Neighbors
Ira Bodkins U Notes Bodkins , Ira Army
Miss Bonar R Notes Bonar , Evelyn M Teacher - 4th Grade
Miss Breyfogol R Notes Breyfogal , Ruth Sixth Grade Teacher
Leigh Brown R Notes Brown , Leigh Shep's Producer / Wife Family
Mr Bruner U Notes Bruner Sr , Ralf Shep's Neighbor on Cleveland Street
Ralf Bruner R Notes Bruner, Jr , Ralf Childhood friend
Senator Bullard F Notes Bullard Senator
"Butch" Bullard F Notes Bullard , "Butch" "Sportscaster"
Mr Bullard U Notes Bullard , C.G. "Fang" Station Boss
Delbert Bumpus R Notes Bumpus , Delbert Character - Neighborhood kid
Emil Bumpus R Notes Bumpus , Emil Character - Neighbor
Miss Bundy R Notes Bundy , Miriam L. Teacher - Kindergarten
Charlie U Notes ??? , Charlie Grandpa Family
Cletus U Notes ??? , Cletus Army
Lt. Cherry U Notes Cherry Army Officer
Josephene Cosnowski U Notes Cosnowski , Josephene Classmate
Aunt Clara R Notes Heinrichs , Clara M Shep's Aunt Family
Dolores U Notes ??? , Dolores Kid
Stinky Davis F Notes Davis , Stinky Character
Mr. Diercks R Notes Diercks , William H. Band Instructor and Music Teacher
Harold / Grover Dill U Notes Dill , Harold / Grover Kid bully
Lug Ditka U Notes Ditka , Lug Classmate - bully
George Doppler R Notes Doppler , George Edward Kid
Jake Doppler U Notes Doppler , Jake Kid - band
Mr. Doppler U Notes Doppler , Leopold Theatre manager
Wilbur Duckworth F Notes Duckworth , Wilbur School Band Leader
Jeanette Dumbrowsky U Notes Dumbrowsky , Jeanette Classmate
Ernie Dunker R Notes Dunker , Ernie Classmate
Dye U Notes Dye Army
Daphne R Notes Shepherd , Daphne Shep's dog
Mrs Easter R Notes Easter , Marie Town Librarian
Mr. Easton R Notes Easton Teacher - Hammond High
Claude Eaton R Notes Eaton , Claude Kid
Roswell T Edwards R Notes Edwards , Roswell T Army
Elkins U Notes Elkins Army
Melvin Emde R Notes Emde , Melvin Neighbor's son
Flora U Notes ??? , Flora Grandma
Friendly Fred U Notes ??? , Fred Used Car Salesman
Johnny Falk U Notes Falk , Johnny Kid - Model builder
Heine Falpul U Notes Falpul , Heine friend from Chicago
Scut Farkas F Notes Farkus , Albert "Scut" Kid - bully
Ferguson U Notes Ferguson Mill guy
Miss Fife R Notes Fife , Maude Estelle Day Teacher - 8th Grade
Flick R Notes Flickinger , Jack Best Friend
Gil Galambus R Notes Galambus , Gilbert George Ham Radio Contact
Ray Galambus R Notes Galambus , Raymond George Kid
Gasser R Notes Gasser , Herbert Army
Gertz U Notes Gertz Friend of Old Man
Gloria U Notes Gloria Girlfriend - Date
Goldberg U Notes Goldberg Army
Goldwater U Notes Goldwater Army
Goldworm U Notes Goldworm Army
Dr. Goodman U Notes Goodman , Dr. Dentist
Mr Gordon R Notes Gordon , Vern A. Scoutmaster
Chester Gotch U Notes Gotch , Chester Mill Guy
Miss Graves R Notes Graves , Dorothy
Waldo Grebb U Notes Grebb , Waldo Character
Harold U Notes Harold 2nd Cousin Family
Charlie Harrison U Notes Harrison , Charlie Mill Guy
Wanda Hickey U Notes Hickey , Wanda Character
Miss Holt R Notes Holt , Martha Grades 5A and 5B teacher
Mr. Huffine R Notes Huffine , Karl B. High school football coach
Jane Hutchinson R Notes Hutchinson , Jane Elizabeth Kid - 1st love
Mickey Isley R Notes Isley , Mickey Musician
Miss Jacobs R Notes Jacobs , Clyde Lyndall Wife of Mr Spencer and Teacher
Mr. Jenkins U Notes Jenkins Teacher
Pearl Johnson U Notes Johnson , Pearl Kid
Alex Josway R Notes Josway , Alex Kid
Aunt Kate R Notes Heinrichs , Kathryn Edith Shep's Aunt Family
Mrs. Kissel U Notes Kissel , Emily Character
Ludlow Kissel U Notes Kissel , Ludlow Character
Sgt. Kowalski U Notes Kowalski Army - Sergeant
Aunt Louise R Notes ??? , Louise H Shep's Aunt Family
Larry Bird R Notes Bird , Larry Shep's pet parrot
Miss Flora Larsen U Notes Larsen , Flora Teacher
Bob Leder R Notes Leder , Bob Boss
Chester Lefkovitz U Notes Lefkovitz , Chester Teacher - Math Prof
Alic Longnecker U Notes Longnecker , Alice Kid
Aunt Mabel U Notes ??? , Mabel Shep's Aunt Family
Aunt Mary U Notes ??? , Mary Shep's Aunt Family
Aunt Min R Notes Heinrichs , Minnie Shep's Aunt Family
Mr. Maas U Notes Maas Boss
Freddie Martin U Notes Martin , Freddie Kid
Mr. Matson R Notes Matson , Stuart Wardell Teacher - Hammond High
Clara Mae U Notes Mattingly , Clara Mae Classmate
Mr. Mattingly R Notes Mattingly , John T. Local grocery store owner
Barbara Mattoon Shepherd R Notes Mattoon , Barbara Shep's 1st wife
Mrs. Mattson R Notes Mattson , Hazel A School Staff
Miss McCullough R Notes McCullough , H Teacher - Hammond High
Mr. Melton R Notes Melton , John Douglas Band Director
Miss Meno R Notes Meno , Eva Lena Teacher - 1st Grade McKinley
Irene Morton U Notes Morton , Irene Kid
Jack Morton U Notes Morton , Jack Classmate
Rosella Morton U Notes Morton , Rosella Kid
Georgette Mosbacher R Notes Mosbacher , Georgette brother Randy's step daughter Family
Mr Chuckie F Notes Mr. Chuckie Character
Cousin Chuck R Notes Musson , Charles August Shep's Cousin Family
Cousin Merle R Notes Musson , Merle Shep's Cousin Family
Nancy U Notes ??? , Nancy Date
Nash U Notes Nash Army
Don Neff R Notes Neff , Don Kid
Miss Nelson R Notes Nelson , Rose Teacher - 2dn Grade
Lois Nettleton R Notes Nettleton , Lois Wife Family
Miss Norton R Notes Norton , Anabel Principal - Warren G Harding
Gerald O'Malley U Notes O'Malley , Gerald Kid
Og and Charlie F Notes Og and Charlie Characters
Parsons U Notes ??? , Parsons Army
Petey U Notes ??? , Petey Pet Canary
Miss Parke R Notes Parke , Flora Alice Teacher - 1st Grade Harding
Ralph Parker F Notes Parker , Ralph Character
Randy Parker F Notes Parker , Randy Character
Miss Parsons U Notes Parsons Teacher - Hammond High
Mr. Paswinski U Notes Paswinski , Frank Esso station owner
Mr. Pittenger R Notes Pittenger Teacher - Hammond High
Mr. Pulaski U Notes Pulaski Storekeeper
Mr. Raimey U Notes Raimey
Clinton Raleigh U Notes Raleigh , Clinton Kid - nemisis
Miss Reeder R Notes Reeder , Crystal Teacher - Hammond High
Patty Remaley R Notes Remaley , Patty Classmate
Mr. Richardson R Notes Richardson , Olney Energy ("O. E.") Shep's boss in early broadcast days
Jack Robertson R Notes Robertson , Jack Kid
Miss Robinette R Notes Robinette , Marion Teacher - 6th Grade Harding
Captain Robinson U Notes Robinson Army
Ernie Roller U Notes Roller , Ernie Kid
Gurley Roller U Notes Roller , Gurley Kid
Stanley Ashton Roper R Notes Roper , Stanley Ashton Kid
Mr. Ruggles U Notes Ruggles
Mr. Rupp R Notes Rupp Assistant H.S. Principal
Boles Rutkowky R Notes Rutkowski , Boles Stanley Kid
Mr. Ryerson U Notes Ryerson Teacher - Chemistry Prof
Mr. Sanderson U Notes Sanderson School Staff
Private Sanderson U Notes Sanderson Army
Betty Schmidt U Notes Schmidt , Betty Kid - Randy's gal
Emily Schwartz R Notes Schwartz , Emily Parent
Paul Schwartz R Notes Schwartz , Paul L. R. Friend
Miss M.L. Scott R Notes Scott , Mary Louise Teacher - Hammond High
Mr. Seddlemeyer R Notes Seddlemeyer Teacher - Hammond High
Warren Selkie U Notes Selkie , Warren Kid
Fred Shaugnessey U Notes Shaugnessey , Fred Kid
Adrien Shepherd R Notes Shepherd , Adrien Shep's daughter Family
Anne Shepherd R Notes Shepherd , Anne Shep's Mother Family
Dee Shepherd R Notes Shepherd , Dorothy "Dee" Shep's sister-in-law Family
Emmitt E. Shepherd R Notes Shepherd , Emmitt E. Shep's Grandfather Family
Flora E. Shepherd R Notes Shepherd , Flora E. Shep's Grandmother Family
Glen Shepherd R Notes Shepherd , Glen Jean Shep's half brother Family
Paul K. Shepherd R Notes Shepherd , Paul Kenneth Shep's Uncle Family
Randall Shepherd R Notes Shepherd , Randall Shep's son from 2nd marriage Family
Randy Shepherd R Notes Shepherd , Randall G Shep's Younger Brother Family
The Old Man R Notes Shepherd, Sr , Jean P Shep's Father Family
Miss Shields R Notes Shields , Ruth Esther Teacher - 2nd Grade
Jack Simonson U Notes Simonson , Jack Kid
Scut Simonson U Notes Simonson , Scut Kid
Billy Singleton U Notes Singleton , Billy Kid
Tom Slade U Notes Slade , Tom Kid - Eagle Scout
"Dr." Slicker U Notes Slicker, "Dr" Character
Miss Smith U Notes Smith Teacher - 6th Grade
Dorothy Smith R Notes Smith , Dorothy Frances "Dottie" Kid
Snuffy Smith U Notes Smith , Snuffy Kid
Stinky Smith U Notes Smith , Stinky Kid
Miss Snyder R Notes Snyder Teacher - Hammond High
Mrs. Snyder U Notes Snyder Neighbor
Miss Sparks U Notes Sparks Teacher - Hammond High
Mr Spencer R Notes Spencer , Carl A. Principal - Morton
Mr. Spohn R Notes Spohn Principal - High School
Stanek U Notes Stanek Mill Guy
Dr Frederick Stock R Notes Stock , Dr. Frederick
Dawn Strickland R Notes Strickland , Dawn Aliene Childhood crush
Lawrence Stryker U Notes Stryker , Lawrence Neighbor across street
David Susskind R Notes Susskind , David Producer
Szymanski U Notes Szymanski Army
Troop Train Ernie U Notes ??? , Ernie Army buddy
Great Aunt Theresa U Notes ??? , Theresa Great Aunt Family
Aunt Theresa R Notes Heinrichs , Theresa Marie Shep's Aunt Family
Elmer Tuttlebarber U Notes Tuttlebarber , Elmer Preacher
Bobby Twyman R Notes Twyman , Robert Wickliff Kid next door - Kindergarten
Uncle Emil U Notes ??? , Emil Shep's Uncle Family
Uncle Tom R Notes Manning , Thomas John Shep's Uncle Family
Uncle Charles R Notes Musson , Charles Michael Shep's Uncle Family
Uncle Carl R Notes Peterson , Carl Theodore Shep's Uncle Family
Uncle Al R Notes Von Beulwitz , Alfred August Shep's Uncle Family
Uncle Fred R Notes Von Beulwitz , Frederick Frank Herman Shep's Uncle Family
Tommy Van Hoose R Notes Van Hoose , Tommy Kid - Neighbor
Joan Laverne Warner R Notes Warner , Joan Laverne Shep's 2nd wife Family
Watkins U Notes Watkins Army buddy
Helen Weathers U Notes Weathers , Helen Classmate
Bobby "the operator" R Notes Weiss , Robert Brent Character - Kid
"Sam" Weller R Notes Weller , Larue Bolling
Mr Wilson R Notes Wilson Teacher - Hammond High
Wilson U Notes Wilson Army Buddy
Doc Wismer U Notes Wismer Steel Mill Worker
Chester Woczniewski U Notes Woczniewski , Chester Character
Casmir Woczniewski U Notes Wocznowski , Casmir Character
Stosh Wozniak U Notes Wozniak , Stosh Kid
Zero R Notes Zero Flick's Dog
Zinsmeister U Notes Zinsmeister , Carl Army Buddy
Zudock R Notes Zudock , Frank Old Man's Boss