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Family, Friends, Teachers, etc.

There were a lot of names involved in Shep's life, some were real and some were characters created for his stories, and some are uncertain. Below is a listing and any information available.

* R - Real Person / F - Fictitious Person / U - Uncertain

Thanks to Rich Badagliacca for his listing of many of the entries and Steve Glazer for filling in many of the blanks.

Professionals and Celebrities inspired by Shep

Who played Who?

Here's a matrix of who played the major characters in all the movies
A.K.A. Notes: Notes Name Relationship  
David Susskind R Notes Susskind , David Producer
Arlene U Notes ??? , Arlene Crazy Cousin
Aunt Glen U Notes ??? , Glen Aunt
Aunt Theresa U Notes ??? , Theresa Aunt
Great Aunt Theresa U Notes ??? , Theresa Great Aunt
Lt Col Abercrombie U Notes Abercrombie Army Officer
Abernathie U Notes Abernathie Company K - Army Soldier
Eileen Ackers R Notes Ackers , Eileen Classmate
George Ade R Notes Ade , George
Esther Jane Albery R Notes Albery , Esther Jane Classmate
Dorothy Anderson R Notes Anderson , Dorothy Girlfriend, major character
Mr Anderson R Notes Anderson , Jesse Gas Station Owner
Johnny Anderson R Notes Anderson , Johnny Brother of Dorothy
Charlie Apperson F Notes Apperson , Charlie alias
Pearl Arauz R Notes Arauz , Pearl Classmate
Chuck Atwood U Notes Atwood , Chuck Kid
Bobby U Notes ??? , Bobby Character - Kid
Buddy U Notes ??? , Buddy Cousin
Miss Bailey R Notes Bailey , Alice Rebecca Teacher - 7th grade science
Dan Beach R Notes Beach , Dan Production Coordinator - PBS
Roger Beanblossom U Notes Beanblossom , Roger Classmate
Melvin Beegee R Notes Beegee , Melvin Kid
Gene Bergmann R Notes Bergmann , Eugene B. Author, Jean Shepherd Historian
Daphne Bigelow R Notes Bigelow , Daphne Character - Classmate
Birnbaum U Notes Birnbaum Army
Blaufelt U Notes Blaufelt Teacher
Miss Bleifeld U Notes Bleifeld Teacher - Hammond High
Miss Bodkin U Notes Bodkin Teacher
Iona Pearl Bodkin U Notes Bodkin , Iona Pearl
Bodkin Family U Notes Bodkin Family Neighbors
Ira Bodkins U Notes Bodkins , Ira Army
Miss Bonar R Notes Bonar , Evelyn M Teacher - 4th Grade
Miss Breyfogol R Notes Breyfogal , Ruth Sixth Grade Teacher
Leigh Brown R Notes Brown , Leigh Shep's Producer / Wife
Mr Bruner U Notes Bruner Sr , Ralf Shep's Neighbor on Cleveland Street
Ralf Bruner R Notes Bruner, Jr , Ralf Childhood friend
"Butch" Bullard F Notes Bullard , "Butch" Sportscaster
Mr Bullard U Notes Bullard , C.G. "Fang" Station Boss
Delbert Bumpus R Notes Bumpus , Delbert Character - Neighborhood kid
Emil Bumpus R Notes Bumpus , Emil Character - Neighbor
Miss Bundy R Notes Bundy , Miriam L. Teacher - Kindergarten
Charlie U Notes ??? , Charlie Grandpa
Chuck U Notes ??? , Chuck Shep's Cousin
Aunt Clara U Notes ??? , Clara Shep's Aunt
Cletus U Notes ??? , Cletus Army
Lt. Cherry U Notes Cherry Army Officer
Josephene Cosnowski U Notes Cosnowski , Josephene Classmate
Dolores U Notes ??? , Dolores Kid
Stinky Davis F Notes Davis , Stinky Character
Mr. Diercks R Notes Diercks , William H. Band Instructor and Music Teacher
Harold / Grover Dill U Notes Dill , Harold / Grover Kid bully
Lug Ditka U Notes Ditka , Lug Classmate - bully
George Doppler R Notes Doppler , George Edward Kid
Jake Doppler U Notes Doppler , Jake Kid - band
Mr. Doppler U Notes Doppler , Leopold Theatre manager
Wilbur Duckworth F Notes Duckworth , Wilbur School Band Leader
Jeanette Dumbrowsky U Notes Dumbrowsky , Jeanette Classmate
Ernie Dunker R Notes Dunker , Ernie Classmate
Dye U Notes Dye Army
Daphne R Notes Shepherd , Daphne Shep's dog
Mrs Easter R Notes Easter , Marie Town Librarian
Mr. Easton R Notes Easton Teacher - Hammond High
Claude Eaton R Notes Eaton , Claude Kid
Roswell T Edwards R Notes Edwards , Roswell T Army
Elkins U Notes Elkins Army
Melvin Emde R Notes Emde , Melvin Neighbor's son
Flora U Notes ??? , Flora Grandma
Friendly Fred U Notes ??? , Fred Used Car Salesman
Johnny Falk U Notes Falk , Johnny Kid - Model builder
Heine Falpul U Notes Falpul , Heine friend from Chicago
Scut Farkas F Notes Farkus , Albert "Scut" Kid - bully
Ferguson U Notes Ferguson Mill guy
Miss Fife R Notes Fife , Maude Estelle Day Teacher - 8th Grade
Flick R Notes Flickinger , Jack Best Friend
Gil Galambus R Notes Galambus , Gilbert George Ham Radio Contact
Ray Galumbus R Notes Galambus , Ray Kid
Gasser R Notes Gasser , Herbert Army
Gertz U Notes Gertz Friend of Old Man
Gloria U Notes Gloria Girlfriend - Date
Goldberg U Notes Goldberg Army
Goldwater U Notes Goldwater Army
Goldworm U Notes Goldworm Army
Dr. Goodman U Notes Goodman , Dr. Dentist
Mr Gordon R Notes Gordon , Vern A. Scoutmaster
Chester Gotch U Notes Gotch , Chester Mill Guy
Miss Graves R Notes Graves , Dorothy
Waldo Grebb U Notes Grebb , Waldo Character
Harold U Notes Harold 2nd Cousin
Charlie Harrison U Notes Harrison , Charlie Mill Guy
Wanda Hickey U Notes Hickey , Wanda Character
Miss Holt R Notes Holt , Martha Grades 5A and 5B teacher
Mr. Huffine R Notes Huffine , Karl B. High school football coach
Jane Hutchinson R Notes Hutchinson , Jane Elizabeth Kid - 1st love
Mickey Isley R Notes Isley , Mickey Musician
Joyce U Notes ??? , Joyce Cousin
Miss Jacobs R Notes Jacobs , Clyde Lyndall Wife of Mr Spencer and Teacher
Mr. Jenkins U Notes Jenkins Teacher
Pearl Johnson U Notes Johnson , Pearl Kid
Alex Josway R Notes Josway , Alex Kid
Aunt Kate U Notes ??? , Kate Shep's Aunt
Mrs. Kissel U Notes Kissel , Emily Character
Ludlow Kissel U Notes Kissel , Ludlow Character
Sgt. Kowalski U Notes Kowalski Army - Sergeant
Aunt Louise U Notes ??? , Louise Shep's Aunt
Aunt Mabel U Notes ??? , Mabel Shep's Aunt
Aunt Mary U Notes ??? , Mary Shep's Aunt
Larry Bird R Notes Bird , Larry Shep's pet parrot
Miss Flora Larsen U Notes Larsen , Flora Teacher
Bob Leder R Notes Leder , Bob Boss
Chester Lefkovitz U Notes Lefkovitz , Chester Teacher - Math Prof
Alic Longnecker U Notes Longnecker , Alice Kid
Aunt Min U Notes ??? , Min Shep's Aunt
Mr. Maas U Notes Maas Boss
Freddie Martin U Notes Martin , Freddie Kid
Mr. Matson R Notes Matson , Stuart Wardell Teacher - Hammond High
Clara Mae U Notes Mattingly , Clara Mae Classmate
Mr. Mattingly R Notes Mattingly , John T. Local grocery store owner
Barbara Mattoon Shepherd R Notes Mattoon , Barbara Shep's 1st wife
Mrs. Mattson R Notes Mattson , Hazel A School Staff
Miss McCullough R Notes McCullough , H Teacher - Hammond High
Mr. Melton U Notes Melton
Miss Meno R Notes Meno , Eva Lena Teacher - 1st Grade McKinley
Merle U Notes Merle Cousin
Irene Morton U Notes Morton , Irene Kid
Jack Morton U Notes Morton , Jack Classmate
Rosella Morton U Notes Morton , Rosella Kid
Georgette Mosbacher R Notes Mosbacher , Georgette brother Randy's step daughter
Mr Chuckie F Notes Mr. Chuckie Character
Nancy U Notes ??? , Nancy Date
Nash U Notes Nash Army
Don Neff R Notes Neff , Don Kid
Miss Nelson R Notes Nelson , Rose Teacher - 2dn Grade
Lois Nettleton R Notes Nettleton , Lois Wife
Miss Norton R Notes Norton , Anabel Principal - Warren G Harding
Gerald O'Malley U Notes O'Malley , Gerald Kid
Og and Charlie F Notes Og and Charlie Characters
Parsons U Notes ??? , Parsons Army
Petey U Notes ??? , Petey Pet Canary
Miss Parke R Notes Parke , Flora Alice Teacher - 1st Grade Harding
Ralph Parker F Notes Parker , Ralph Character
Randy Parker F Notes Parker , Randy Character
Miss Parsons U Notes Parsons Teacher - Hammond High
Mr. Paswinski U Notes Paswinski , Frank Esso station owner
Mr. Pittenger R Notes Pittenger Teacher - Hammond High
Mr. Pulaski U Notes Pulaski Storekeeper
Mr. Raimey U Notes Raimey
Clinton Raleigh U Notes Raleigh , Clinton Kid - nemisis
Miss Reeder R Notes Reeder , Crystal Teacher - Hammond High
Patty Remaley R Notes Remaley , Patty Classmate
Jack Robertson R Notes Robertson , Jack Kid
Miss Robinette R Notes Robinette , Marion Teacher - 6th Grade Harding
Captain Robinson U Notes Robinson Army
Ernie Roller U Notes Roller , Ernie Kid
Gurley Roller U Notes Roller , Gurley Kid
Stanley Ashton Roper R Notes Roper , Stanley Ashton Kid
Mr. Ruggles U Notes Ruggles
Mr. Rupp R Notes Rupp Assistant H.S. Principal
Boles Rutkowky R Notes Rutkowski , Boles Stanley Kid
Mr. Ryerson U Notes Ryerson Teacher - Chemistry Prof
Senator Bullard F Notes Bullard Senator
Mr. Sanderson U Notes Sanderson School Staff
Private Sanderson U Notes Sanderson Army
Betty Schmidt U Notes Schmidt , Betty Kid - Randy's gal
Emily Schwartz R Notes Schwartz , Emily Parent
Paul Schwartz R Notes Schwartz , Paul L. R. Friend
Miss M.L. Scott R Notes Scott , Mary Louise Teacher - Hammond High
Mr. Seddlemeyer R Notes Seddlemeyer Teacher - Hammond High
Warren Selkie U Notes Selkie , Warren Kid
Fred Shaugnessey U Notes Shaugnessey , Fred Kid
Adrien Shepherd R Notes Shepherd , Adrien Shep's daughter
Ann Shepherd R Notes Shepherd , Ann Shep's Mother
Dee Shepherd R Notes Shepherd , Dorothy "Dee" Shep's sister-in-law
Emmitt E. Shepherd R Notes Shepherd , Emmitt E. Shep's Grandfather
Flora E. Shepherd R Notes Shepherd , Flora E. Shep's Grandmother
Glen Shepherd R Notes Shepherd , Glen Jean Shep's half brother
Paul K. Shepherd R Notes Shepherd , Paul K. Shep's Uncle
Randy Shepherd R Notes Shepherd , Randall Shep's Younger Brother
Randall Shepherd R Notes Shepherd , Randall Shep's son from 1st marriage
The Old Man R Notes Shepherd, Sr , Jean P Shep's Father
Miss Shields R Notes Shields , Ruth Esther Teacher - 2nd Grade
Jack Simonson U Notes Simonson , Jack Kid
Scut Simonson U Notes Simonson , Scut Kid
Billy Singleton U Notes Singleton , Billy Kid
Tom Slade U Notes Slade , Tom Kid - Eagle Scout
"Dr." Slicker U Notes Slicker, "Dr" Character
Miss Smith U Notes Smith Teacher - 6th Grade
Dorothy Smith R Notes Smith , Dorothy Frances "Dottie" Kid
snuffy Smith U Notes Smith , Snuffy Kid
Stinky Smith U Notes Smith , Stinky Kid
Miss Snyder R Notes Snyder Teacher - Hammond High
Mrs. Snyder U Notes Snyder Neighbor
Miss Sparks U Notes Sparks Teacher - Hammond High
Mr Spencer R Notes Spencer , Carl A. Principal - Morton
Mr. Spohn R Notes Spohn Principal - High School
Stanek U Notes Stanek Mill Guy
Dr Frederick Stock R Notes Stock , Dr. Frederick
Dawn Strickland R Notes Strickland , Dawn Aliene Childhood crush
Lawrence Stryker U Notes Stryker , Lawrence Neighbor across street
Szymanski U Notes Szymanski Army
Troop Train Ernie U Notes ??? , Ernie Army buddy
Elmer Tuttlebarber U Notes Tuttlebarber , Elmer Preacher
Bobby Twyman R Notes Twyman , Robert Wickliff Kid next door - Kindergarten
Uncle Al U Notes ??? , Al Shep's Uncle
Uncle Carl U Notes ??? , Carl Shep's Uncle
Uncle Charles U Notes ??? , Charles Shep's Uncle
Uncle Emil U Notes ??? , Emil Shep's Uncle
Uncle Fred U Notes ??? , Fred Shep's Uncle
Uncle Tom U Notes ??? , Tom Shep's Uncle
Tommy Van Hoos R Notes Van Hoos , Tommy Kid - Neighbor
Joan Laverne Warner R Notes Warner , Joan Laverne Shep's 1st wife
Watkins U Notes Watkins Army buddy
Helen Weathers U Notes Weathers , Helen Classmate
Mr Wilson R Notes Wilson Teacher - Hammond High
Wilson U Notes Wilson Army Buddy
Doc Wismer U Notes Wismer Steel Mill Worker
Chester Woczniewski U Notes Woczniewski , Chester Character
Casmir Woczniewski U Notes Wocznowski , Casmir Character
Stosh Wozniak U Notes Wozniak , Stosh Kid
Zero R Notes Zero Flick's Dog
Zinsmeister U Notes Zinsmeister , Carl Army Buddy
Zudock R Notes Zudock , Frank Old Man's Boss