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Phillies Skipper To Broadcast
Airdate: Wednesday - May 21, 1952

Last Update: 05-19-2019

Show Description
Baseball fans who maintain they would rather listen to conversation about the national pastime than sleep can do just that Friday, May 23 when Eddie Sawyer, manager of the Philadelphia Phillies, and Lee Allen, sportscaster and baseball historian, sit down at a KYW microphone at 11:15 p.m. and bat the conversational ball around until 5:00 a.m. This unprecedented talkathon will provide a seat right in the dugout for fans who want an inside glimpse of baseball as it is discussed by experts. For the first hour or so Allen will ask Sawyer questions about the Phillies of 1952, who are forging their way into the pennant picture after a shaky start, and will probe Eddie concerning details of his career. After that preliminary skirmish, both Sawyer and Allen will answer any question at all phoned in by listeners. A battery of phone operators has been set up to take the incoming calls about baseball personalities, history, rules and records. Sawyer, whose career as a player and manager found him first with the great farm chain of the New York Yankees and then with the Phillies, has an uncanny memory and a prodigiously wide circle of baseball acquaintances, which make him particularly suitable for such a feature. Allen, featured on KYW each night at 6:35 p.m. on the "Inside Angle on Sports," teaming with Alan Gans, and again at 11:15 p.m., is the author of two books about baseball. "The Cincinnati Reds," a biography of that team and "100 Years of Baseball," a standard history of the entire game. Jean Shepherd, KYW personality whose varied interests embrace baseball, will serve as moderator, in the event that either Sawyer or Allen become too heated.
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