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Night People's Guide to New York
Airdate: 1965

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Last Update: 05-16-2015

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"It's four o'clock in the morning, and you'd like to play a fast game of billiards and cash a check. Before this unique book was published, you might have had a devil of a time. But now.the whole city after dark is at your command, ready to satisfy your every pleasure and your every need!" Neighborhood-by-neighborhood guide to the city, geared "for the convenience of the person out at night," with separate directories (for bakeries, food stores, bookstores, barbers, restaurants, etc.) for each. The individual business directories often include the names of the proprietors (or maybe just the friendliest employees) -- e.g., at Rapoport's (on 2nd Avenue near 6th), you're advised to "ask for Adolph." On page 10 is a rundown of all the individuals who contributed to the book. The introduction is by Jean Shepherd, who advises the reader: "Do not expect to be welcomed to New York. It will simply envelop you and will shed no tears when you leave."
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April 02,1965
Review from Simpson's Leader Times

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

Night People's Guide to New York - Pg 1

Courtesy: Gene Bergmann

Night People's Guide to New York - Pg 2

Courtesy: Gene Bergmann

Night People's Guide to New York - Pg 3

Courtesy: Gene Bergmann

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