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A Banquet For The Moon
Airdate: Thursday - January 19, 1961

Shep on "Broadway"

Last Update: 11-02-2016

Show Description
Theatre Marquee, 110East 59th Street Opened - Thursday January 19, 1961 22 Perfomances Shep plays "M" a modern day Mephistopheles in this play about a nuclear scientist who has second thoughts about the uses to which his knowledge was put.
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January 1961
Who's Who

Courtesy: Pete Delaney

December 20,1960

Courtesy: Pete Delaney

January 19,1961
Program cover

Courtesy: Max Schmid

January 19,1961
Program insert

Courtesy: Max Schmid

Theatre Marquee

Courtesy: Pete Delaney

January 12,1961
Village Voice

Courtesy: Pete Delaney

January 20,1961

Courtesy: Pete Delaney

January 26,1961
Village Voice Review

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

February 01,1961

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