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Dream Street
Airdate: Saturday - July 6, 1957

Last Update: 05-03-2015

Show Description
Weekend traffic isn't bad enough these days so a disk jockey named Jean Shepherd, who has all sorts of odd ideas, has to fix it real good just by trying to be helpful. Shepherd had a 9pm to midnight program on station WOR and a couple of Sundays ago he got to talking over the air to all the poor souls who were fighting their way home on the parkways. Shepherd suggested that a lot of time could be saved going through the toll stations if drivers would put up two fares instead of one, one for himself and one for the car behind. That way things would whizz along faster. Only it didn't work out as expected. Instances: The infuriated driver of a Cadillac caught up with the Ford driver who had paid his fare and threw a dime at him. A male driver whose fare had been paid by a lady driver kept bumper to bumper with the car ahead, trying to complete a highway pickup. Similar phoned complaints came into the radio station and finally there was a call from the most harassed collector of all who begged Shepherd to cancel the whole thing. Seems a driver paid for the car behind only to have that driver pay himself, be told he was a guest, and then give two more dimes for the two cars behind. Toll gate confusion was soon complete.
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