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Airdate: Thursday - August 2, 1962

Last Update: 01-18-2012

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Last Sunday's Sixth Annual Village Voice Automobile Rallye, at which a large crowd watched a record turn-out of 45 entries, was won by Martin Capdevilla of Whitestone, Queens, in a 1961 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia convertible. His navigator was Jeremiah Reen. Second prize was captured by Nick Pinto and Sam Rubin in a 1961 MG-A roadster, and third place went to Bill Takas and Suzy Aaron driving a 1957 Porsche roadster. This quartet gave as their address 114 Christopher Street, which turns out to be Stephan's, a West Village hangout for sports car buffs of all persuasions. The success of this year's rallye was due in large measure to the two registration assistants, Lillian Shapiro of Bank Street and Karen Tonkonogy of West 55th Street, and the volunteers who manned the lonely checkpoints in downtown Exchange Alley (Orrie Frutkin on foot) and at obscure Rose Street (Harold Zucker on a 1982 Harley-Davidson three-wheeler). Our thanks go too to Jean Shepherd, who has emceed the Voice rallyes since their inception in 1957, and to the personnel of the Limelight, which accommodated the overflow crowd at the award presentations Sunday afternoon. Contest of Skill The Village Voice Rallye, now an annual summer exercise in motoring exactitude, was originally established to fill up the July dog days with a scene for local sports car buffs. It has since grown in stature, and now drawn motorists from all over the city. The Voice rallye is a relatively simple contest of skill, requiring attention to the clock and a long, detailed instruction sheet. The driver and navigator who arrive at the finish line closest to the time limit calculated by the rallye-master are the winners. To achieve a perfect score in the Voice rallye, it was necessary to average 13 miles-per-hour through many complicated streets, signals, and switchback lanes in a period of exactly sixty minutes. The winning team completed the course in a trifle, over 65 minutes, and the final stragglers finished 150 minutes after they had begun. Winning drivers received engraved trophies provided by the Voice; navigators were given sports car recordings by Riverside Records, which also gave records to fourth, fifth and sixth place finishers. The grand winner received in addition three miniature sports ears from Lesney Match-box Toys and a roof carrier rack from the Race and Rally Shop of Bank Street. During the rallye, all contestants received playing cards along the route. The best resultant poker hand, held by Jim Kleckner of Great Neck in a new Studebaker Lark Convertible, won a free lubrication and oil change at the 540 Hudson Street gas station. A booby prize for dead-last-but-qualified went to Bill Smith of New Jersey, driving a 1960 Austin Healey Sprite. He received a toy wrecking tow-truck contributed by the Fred Bonner Corporation, distributors of the Lesney miniatures. -- Daniel List, IMPA
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