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Overseas Press Club Conference
Airdate: Thursday - April 8, 1971

Show Description
There were two "Press Club Conferences held. The first was on March 2, 1970 Shep mentions that there are 600 people representing 300 schools attending. An edited down tape of the conference was played on WOR in place of one of Shep's Saturday night shows a few weeks later. Shep did the intro for it. The second was April 8, 1971. There may have been at least one more. In the 1971 audio he mentions doing it again. According to Ken Scharf, who attended and recorded the 1971 event: "Actually I think there were a few press conventions BEFORE 1970, but they were done at WOR's studio. When the event outgrew that location they moved it to the overseas press club location." Another fan, John Brandt also recorded the show - check the links below
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