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Jean Shepherd Exercises Wit, Pen at Bamberger's
Airdate: Wednesday - February 21, 1973

Last Update: 08-12-2020

Show Description
EATONTOWN - "Jean Shepherd, who are you?" This is the question asked by a member of an audience of nearly 100 persons who met American humorist and author Jean Shepherd yesterday afternoon at Bamberger's in Monmouth Shopping Center. "Ask those around you," Mr. Shepherd replied, "and you 'II find I am different characters to individual persons." His advice was sound, for most who came for autographed copies of his latest book, "The Ferrari ln the Bedroom," had separate opinions of him. "He is a great author and storyteller," said Mrs. Victoria Johnston of 15 Peters Pl., Red Bank," and a terrific humorist of people. That is why I am buying his book today." To Don Baer of 501 D St., South Belmar, Mr. Shepherd is a satirist who chides the American way of life via radio performances. "I've been listening to him for the past seven years on the radio," Mr. Baer said. "His stories and the characters in them are about every man, but his tales focus humor on the ordinary." To several college-age persons Mr. Shepherd is a comic performer who appears at their campuses, but apparently not as often as desired. "I like to be thought of as a live performer working on stage,'' Mr. Shepherd said, " and not as a radio broadcaster or disk jockey." Mr. Shepherd's witticisms about people and life can be heard from 10 15 to 11p.m. Monday through Friday on WORAM radio, noted Leigh Brown, his agent and producer of the television series, "Jean Shepherd's America,'' which Is syndicated nationally through the Public Broadcasting System. His previous books are ''In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash," "Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories and Other Disasters," and an anthology, "The America of George Ade." He also writes several short stories a year for Playboy magazine, and a monthly column for Car & Driver magazine. Asked why he does not write more frequently for Playboy, Mr. Shepherd replied, "It takes too long - about four to six months - to write one story. But one should appear in the magazine's May issue." Mr. Shepherd, who said he enjoys personal appearances, will be at Newark State College on Friday, and at Princeton University on April 28. He was born in Chicago and now lives in Greenwich Village, NY. Yesterday he recalled with humor days spent in New Jersey and the Shore area. "It's exciting to be back in beautiful Jersey, the most American of states, especially along Route 22. And how I loved hanging out in Deal and Neptune! "And good old Keansburg - tell me, is the roller-skating rink there yet? I used to meet a little girl every week at that rink. She's probably still there." He recalled the time he was nearly tattooed in Long Branch as a "brutal experience - not because I almost got an eagle engraved on my arm - just because of the events that preceded something like that." Commenting on the time he was stationed at Ft. Monmouth during the Korean War, Mr. Shepherd said the experience was too much, and I don't want to get near that place now - they still have a few things on me." Persons in line for autographed copies of his new book which is published by Dodd, Mead & Co., New York, ranged from the very young to senior citizens. "I listen to him every night on the radio," said George Ahlers, II, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Ahlers of 67 Burns Lane. "because he makes me laugh. It's the only way I go to sleep." Lisa Rosenzwig, the 5 year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rosenzweig of 1501 Maple Ave., Ocean Township, apparently liked the author too. She interrupted his signing of books to kiss him on the cheek. "See, everyone likes humor," Mr. Shepherd said. Asked to describe his particular kind of humor, and his new book, he replied, "That's about as easy as describing sex." He said he is working on a book titled "The Secret Mission of the Blue-Assed Buzzard.'' a collection of stories about the Army. He will continue making appearances to sign copies of his recent book, with stops scheduled at Bamberger's stores in Paramus, and Cherry Hill and Wayne Township. Yet when Mrs. Helen Dukiet of Brick Township asked him when he is coming to Menlo Park, Edison Township, he replied, "Is there a Menlo Park?''
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February 21,1973
Asbury Park Press

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

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