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Inside Stuff - Radio-TV
Airdate: Wednesday - August 6, 1958

Last Update: 04-14-2019

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Television nabobs are being told to get out by, of all things, a tv program. CBS-TVs "Conquest" science series is currently filming a special feature on waves and beach erosion and is concentrating its cameras on Fire Island rated by experts as the most advanced case of "beachlossitis" in the country and the summer cavorting-romping ground for Madison Ave.'s video and ad execs. The "Conquest" story will tell the sorrowful saga of beach erosion and predict that in a few years there won't be any Fire Island unless something is done immediately to halt its disappearance. Playwrights Carson McCullers and N Richard Nash, who thus far have resisted tv appearances, have been induced by CBS-TV producer-scripter Don Kellerman to participate in a special tv discussion on "Religion and Drama" on "Lamp Unto My Feet" on Sunday, Aug 17. WOR Radio's Jean Shepherd, who had an offbeat all-night show for New York's "night people" and now is on Sunday evenings, has been signed by film producer Louis de-Rochemont to narrate an as-yet-untitled motion picture about the U.S. Navy's Sixth Fleet. The picture, to be filmed in the Mediterranean area and the Middle East, will be shot in the Todd-AO process. Shepherd left Monday (4) night for Washington for briefing by Navy officials and then is due to fly to North Africa for three weeks of location shooting. Producer de-Rochemont says he signed Shepherd solely on the basis of his broadcasts at WOR. In a unique tie-up between two indies, WOR-TV, N.Y., yesterday (Tuesday) telecast KTTV's Los Angeles video tape sales presentation. The special 40 minute on-the-air telecast about the Los Angeles market and the station's video tape facilities was beamed at 10 a.m., prior to WOR's regular broadcast day. The presentation, aimed at the ad community, was a repeat of the closed circuit presentation held last week at N.Y.'s Waldorf-Astoria.
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August 06,1958

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

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