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Earlham Speaker Tells Students of Man's Alienation
Airdate: Thursday - January 11, 1968

Last Update: 04-22-2017

Show Description
Jean Shepherd, New York radio personality, spoke for a convocation Thursday morning at Earlham College. He was the first in a symposium on student alienation. James Kennedy, reference Iibrarian at Lilly Library, introduced Shepherd. "Almost all of us lead vicarious lives that are created by writers," he said. " The New Yorker feels that Utopia relates to alienation. Somewhere a beautiful life is to be lived. I have been short-changed. Life 'as it is' is very unsatisfactory so we build a dream world in which we live in movie plots and television commercials." The author of "In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash" feels we are all alienated in one way or another. " Alienation is a serious problem. When we think a thing exists, it really does," he said. His disdain of pretense can be traced to his midwestern background, and to find out anything about Shepherd, one begins by talking about Indiana. "Most New York people think that when I talk about being a kid I'm talking the old days. But that's the way it really is now in Indiana." Shepherd left his audience with the statement, "In my entire life I have never met a man or a woman who was not alienated, we are all islands, nobody makes it, you are not alone."
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January 11,1968

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

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