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Shepherd Broadcast Employs New Ideas
Airdate: Monday - December 9, 1957

Last Update: 02-13-2015

Show Description
Armed with franks and orange drinks, several dozen Night People gazed intently at the speaker, perched on a soap box. As the murmuring of the crowd subsided, Jean Shepherd revealed to the public for the first time, with a quiver of pride in his voice, the winning jingle in the Nedicks contest: "Nedicks Smedicks Double Bedicks, Pipkins all agree, Orens Frankens Goodens Eatens, Wholesome as can be." Crazy? Not to the Night People, who listen to the Jean Shepherd Show on WOR radio, Sunday nights at 9 p.m. Shepherd, who is a philosopher, a humorist, and an idol to his disciples, the Night People, has an outlook on life which is both laugh-provoking and thought-stimulating. Wins Contest The prize-winning jingle above was submitted by Bayside's own Barry Beuhler (5-335), a full-fledged Night People and Shepherdite. Barry related that he jotted down his entry while "on my way to work, traveling on the subway last summer. . . but I never thought anything would come of it." Much to Barry's surprise something did come of it. He was notified that his jingle had been chosen for top honors, and in rapid succession received a $100 prize, attended the Night People gathering at Nedicks, and had the dubious distinction of appearing on the Shepherd Show. Practice Non-conformity Now about these Night People - are they aliens, psychiatric cases, or what? Surprisingly enough they are quite average people with unaverage ideals. Night People are basically non-conformists, thinkers, and critics of society, never afraid to express an opinion although they know they are in a very small minority. For four hours each Sunday evening, Jean Shepherd holds his listeners captive with his unique and almost continuous patter about nothing In particular, and everything in general, life with a capital "L", and his analysis of society. Delivers Commercials Even the advertisements, which Shepherd delivers himself, are painless. An anecdote about a pair of squirrels may unexpectedly develop into a Ballantine commercial, but nobody minds, because it's just another part of the Shepherd Show. At times it is difficult to tell where fact blends into fiction in Shepherd's anecdotes. His comments during the course of a show range from profoundly serious to utterly nonsensical, a healthy combination. For those who can't tune in Sunday evenings, Shepherd recently initiated a Saturday morning show, which begins at 10 :15. NOTE: The following line had an error in the original article: "Orens Frankens Goodens Eatens" the first word was corrected from "Ovens"
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December 09,1957
Article possibly from the Long Island Star Journal

Courtesy: Barry Buehler

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