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Jean Shepherd in Return Engagement in Northern Highlands High School
Airdate: Thursday - October 2, 1969

Last Update: 07-16-2020

Show Description
Jean Shepherd returns to Allendale's Northern Highlands Regional High School for a comedy performance on Saturday, Oct. 18, at 8 p.m. in the school's amphitheater. Last year Shepherd, radio humorist and writer, appeared at Northern Highlands and the performance was sold-out over a week in advance. Shepherd. Who does comedy performances at colleges throughout the country called Northern Highlands' audience last year "one of the best high school audiences I've ever played to. You were really with it," and Shepherd fans are eager for his return this year. Shepherd mixes stories on growing up and of Army days with social commentary on such topics as New Jersey and "slob art" (the two go hand-in-hand) in a running monologue performance that produces one major product: laughs. Jean Shepherd is perhaps: best known in the New York area for his nightly radio show on WOR AM which is heard in twenty-eight states and as far away as Greenland and is the only New York program that is carried world-wide by Armed Forces Radio Service. Until a year and a half ago, Shepherd's Saturday night shows were broadcast direct from the Limelight in Greenwich Village where Shepherd's live performances were sold-out every Saturday during the four years he appeared there. Now Shepherd has left the Limelight to do more in person performances at colleges throughout the country. This year Shepherd has been awarded a Rockefeller Grant as Artist in Television. His show will be an "experiment in existential television" entitled ''Rear Bumper" and will be carried on WGBH in Boston beginning in October. Currently, Jean Shepherd's pieces In Playboy have made him the number one writer for that magazine, which now has a circulation of well over four million and is particularly read by college students and others in that influential age bracket. In the past two years Shepherd has published in Playboy eight major short stories plus an outstanding and widely quoted in-depth profile of The Beatles, which was commissioned by the magazine because of Shepherd's wide following among teenagers and students. Jean Shepherd is the only writer in the history of Playboy magazine to win the magazine's coveted humor satire award more than once, having won it three years in a row. Jean Shepherd has been described by Paul Krassner, editor or the Realist magazine, as "one of the four most influential satirists In America." The other 3 in the group were Mort Sahl, Jules Feifer, and the late Lenny Bruce.
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October 02,1969
Ridgewood Herald News

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

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