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Reformed Shep, New Jersey
Airdate: Tuesday - January 2, 1973

WOR Show

Last Update: 09-15-2019

First Line After Theme Ends
Oh, no, I'm sorry. . .
Show Description

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Fan Description
[ Courtesy: Pete Delaney - 09-15-2019 ] It's Shep's new pious attitude for 1973 that causes John Wingae to rush over to Shep's microphone and shout "AMEN AMEN PRAISE THE LORD!" I will no longer bad-mouth New Jersey Shep tries to save George the engineer from his sinful ways. New Jersey Needs A State Song To illustrate the "Barbaric Yawp" that is NJ music Shep plays 3 songs recorded by "The 214 Club" in dorm room 214 in the South campus of Steven's Institute of Technology, in Hoboken. New Jersey throughout the show: Has Anybody Seen My Gal?, Beer Barrell Polka and The Man On The Flying Trapeze. The band is made up of a kazoo, an accordion (and there is no musical instrument more New Jersey than an accordion), a wine jug, a small dog, a radiator,4 garbage can covers and a wet sneaker beating against a suitcase. Shep tries again to reform George and we actually get to hear the conversation SHEP: What dId John Wingate say earlier in the show? C'mon hit that call back button. GEORGE; I don't know what he said SHEP: Oh c'mon you heard it GEORGE: Right on brother! Right on brother! SHEP: No he said AMEN GEORGE: AMEN, BABY!" ----------- People in the control room: George, Jerry, Leigh (Maybe), John Wingate, Steve Notes: Of all the engineers Shep worked with George was the one that really had fun. George seemed to be the only WOR enginer that understood Shep's direction and record cues


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U.S. Savings Bonds (PSA)
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Engineer and Staff in Booth
Summary/Rating Credit
By: Pete Delaney
Date: 09-15-2019
Rating: 10
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