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Peanut Butter Anonymous - Letter from the Rockies
Airdate: Wednesday - June 26, 1968

WOR Show
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The devil is everywhere and only deals with those who are worth corrupting. Spy from Gimbles writes in about 5 kids who run through the store playing jews harps and yelling 'flick lives' - they are trown out of store. Green Austin Healy drivingup Madison Ave with 'Excelsior' in big yellow letters written on the side. Kids and jews harps Peanut Butter Anonymous - Shep is a member of Peanut Butter Anonymous. Tells about watching TV one night and a commercial for peanut butter comes on. He gets a call from a fellow PBA member and they get each other through it. But Shep goes out to the store and finds other fellow sufferers there with jars of PB. He resist the urge and buys an ice pop. Shep receives letter from another spy who has written from somewhere in the Rockies and describes a good ol' western bar brawl. He tells of the time he and Randy are out driving in a Jaguar through Kentucky. They get thirsty and stop at a house with a sign "BEER". They go into thehouse and the living room has been converted to a bar room with booths off to the side. In one of the booths sit 7 heavy jowled guys who keep eyeing them. A trooper comes in and gets Shep to the side telling him that those guys don't reckon to outsiders, especially ones driving Jaguars. 30 seconds later Shep and Randy are 5 miles out of town.
Fan Description
[ Courtesy: Steve Glazer - - ] John Douglas Melton was born in Monroe County, Indiana, on August 13, 1904, the son of Oscar D. and Lizzie Douglass Melton. He received a bachelor of music degree from Valparaiso University, and a master of music from Northwestern University. Mr. Melton was a teacher and band director at Morton School while Shep and his buddies were there. He resided at an apartment at 2 Ruth Street in Hammond, and later at 636 Locust after marrying Lenore Wilson on June 20, 1937. He was a charter member of the American School Band Directors Association. Mr. Melton retired from Morton in 1969. A few years later, he and Lenore retired to Hot Springs, Arkansas, where he passed away on June 22, 1987. Mr. Melton was interred at Elmwood Cemetery in Hammond.


[ Courtesy: Ken O'Neill - - ] "Mr. Melton was teacher and band director at Morton from 1929 until about 1970. He was at the school on Marshall Avenue before the building we all knew was constructed in 1936-37; and he moved on to the current building at 169th and Grand. Before the three story addition was built onto the Marshall Avenue building in 1953, the band room was on the first floor where the shop was located after Mr. Melton moved to the third floor."


Speaking of the devil - this is WOR
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Miller Beer
Playboy Magazine Ollie Hopnoodle
Coney Island Washboard Rondolet
High Noon
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Engineer and other Staff in Booth
Herb Squire
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By: Jim Clavin
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Rating: Not Rated
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