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to those who contribute

I would like to gratefully acknowledge the following Shep "spy's" who have contributed information to this site.

If you have contributed and your name is not on this list, please contact me. I want to give credit wherever it is due.

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Name Contribution
More... Gary "Gonzo" K3GZ Contributed scans of the photos from the "Jean Shepherd's America" press kit. Copies of Princeton Tickets
More... Anderson , Dorothy Photos Shep sent her from the Army while dating
More... Anderson , Mark
More... Angerbauer , Alan Photos of Ronald Colman Gravy Boat as used in the movie "My Summer Story"
More... Applegate , Ken Many, many show summaries
More... Badagliacca , Rich Sent in Photos of Shep's house and neighborhood, line drawings from Shep's estate and The Laurels pub.
More... Bailey , Harold Shep Autograph
More... Balkansky , David Excelsior You Fathead button
More... Barnes , Rich May have found the real Camp Nobba-WaWa-Nockee
More... Bartenhagen , Alan Shep in Scotland tape
More... Bates , Rob Sent in a 1966 Newsday article, The Wall Street Journal Article - "The Talker" and several others.
More... Beach , Dan Dan sent some photos from his private collection from when he worked with Shep.
More... Beauchamp , Jeff Fathead Central / Jean Shepherd Project Jean Shepherd Project Sent copies of Articles from the Daily News and Lansdale Reporter
More... Belghaus , Fred "The Dial" short story from 1982
More... Berg , Joanne Supplied many of Shep's Village Voice columns as well as other columns he wrote. Founder of the Yahoo Shep Discussion Group
More... Bergmann , Gene "Excelsior, You Fathead" Contributed photo of Shep signing his copy of I, Libertine - April 1957.
More... Blandford , Elaine TV Radio Mirror - Jan 1966
More... Brandt , John Copy of April 8, 1971 Overseas Press Club Conference
More... Brewer , Howard Photos of Princeton Tickets
More... Bronfeld , Jeff Shep Autograph
More... Buehler , Barry Article / Ad of his winning the Nedick's jingle contest that Shep ran
More... Burbella , Ronald American Motor Scooter Club Magazine - Annual 1958
More... Chambers , Lee WPGC Houshold Finance Commercial
More... Chambers , Bob Sent youtube link for "The Driving Scene"
More... Chineson , Ira Hammond Times article from 7-26-56
More... Ciavolino , Marco Sons of the Whiskey Rebellion Cover Autographed IGWT
More... Clark , Bruce The Overseas Press Club invitation, Shepherd's Pie Reviews, Jean Shepherd's America Review
More... Clark , Bob (Not the director Bob Clark) The photo of the Hammond Borden's Dairy and many other vintage photos of the area.
More... Clavin , John Came up with the actual address of Shep's Sanibel home and provided the George Ade Scans. Photo of Shep poster
More... Crispo , Arthur Scans of line drawings done by Shep that he purchased from the Lois Nettleton estate.
More... Crowley , Suellen Pictures of Shep's house in Sanibel Fla.
More... Delaney , Pete Over 100 shows 1972-74. Also contributed photos of a Shep book signing, his Greenwich Village townhouse, and screen shots of his live show. Also he supplied a variety of radio and TV commercials that Shep did. And much, much, much, more!
More... Dexter , Dean Provided photos and background information for Shep's visits to Rochester Institute of Technology. Dean worked for the school newspaper, the "Reporter"
More... Diamond , Andrew Went to Sterns booksigning and was in Channel Cat doc holding sign which he had autographed
More... DiPirro , Nick Photo of coffeys market
More... Director , David Along with David Singer provided "Snark" shows from 1963
More... Doyle , Donald Sent a copy of the playbill from "Look Charlie"
More... Duyn , Mike Photo of Victoria School 2006 - Live in Town
More... Edwards , John Popular Mechanics Sept 1945 article about "Laying Wire"
More... Evans , Gary Recounts the day he met Shep at the New Hope Antique Car Rally
More... Farkas , Steve
More... Ferraglio , Paul Pioneers of Boogie Woogie info Haiku Book info Weans article
More... Feuerman , Arlene [ Sepherds Pie TV CooCoo Cert - Mason] I found the attached letter at a garage sale a few years ago. Being an old fan of Shep I couldn't resist buying it. I thought, well its just a small memory of a favorte show.
More... Forstchen , Bill Recount of meeting Shep in Maine and the effects Shep had on his writing career
More... Frayne , Shiela Articles, and autographed program from "Destry Rides Again"
More... Fuller , Kathy Bought Gravy Boat on Ebay
More... Gelber , Brian 3 reels shows from 1970
More... Gilliam , Thom Posted photo of Shep at Metuchen HS on Shep Group
More... Glazer , Steve Shep's QSL Card A list of Hammond 'Hams' from Shep's time A huge amount of information about many of the people in Shep's life. Extensive research into newspaper archives to expand the listing of dates for Shep's live performances
More... Gordeuk , Mike Mike's mother went to school with Shep and has her yearbook signed by . Lead on Bumpus Family
More... Griffith , Bill Creator of "Zippy the Pinhead" cartoon strip - referring to Shep
More... Grimes , Ray
More... Harrison , Bill Autographed term paper
More... Hartenstine , Sandy Thurber version of Excelsior
More... Hines , Gary "silentshep" Gary from California - Major contribution to listing of shows and MP3s of shows for posting on website
More... Hoffman , Emily & Richard Scans of program for February 7, 1971 appearance at Univ of Mass.
More... Housman , Damian Started us all on the great Shep house hunt and supplied the pictures of the house.
More... Howell , David Line drawing from Munich
More... Kalish , Alan Multiple shows
More... Keppler , Joseph Photo of 1975 WOR "Group Shot"
More... Kerr , Richard 1952 Article on Shep from Haverford College News
More... Kleczynski , Joseph Nettleton Postcard
More... Knowlton , Don
More... KRAB Archives ,
More... Krodman , Steve Pics from Overseas Press Club Conf and Letter
More... LaCombe , Dave Contributed about 85% of the Car and Driver articles.
More... Laidlaw , Frank Member of Red Onion Band Contributed Look Charlie materials
More... Lanin , Jackie
More... Lenio , Bob Triangle Donuts Ad
More... Litwin , David Ballet Mecanique, Galaxy 2, Signs and Alarms - Music
More... Mantis , Nick
More... Martini , Mike
More... Mathews , Eric Show summaries
More... McNulty , Mike Photo of Shep Signing, Letter from Leigh, TV CooCoo Cert
More... Michelsohn , Dave Photos of Shep at Limelight circa 1965-1966
More... Miner , Joel Miss Breyfogel's nephew
More... Mosbrook , Joe Frederick Ewing Interview and earliest recording of Shep to have surfaced from 1952.
More... Motyka , Gregg (Alaska) Several Limelights and about 20 1968 shows
More... Murphy , Ed Copy of Sheps Army records
More... Murray , Jeffery "Dashtoons"
More... Myers , Bill Photo of Shep at AFTRA convention 7-24-81 Received via Gene B. 9-3-10
More... Nafzger , Lester Did interview with Betty Ballantine re I, Libertine
More... Nettleton (Estate) , Lois Preserved 1958 tapes of some of Shep's Sat and Sunday shows
More... Nora , Frank Enigma Postcard from Nettleton Estate
More... Norton , Ed Fordham yearbook photo, articles from record he wrote
More... O , John Princeton tickets - autographed photo
More... O'Neill , Ken
More... Osgoodby , George Photos of Shep's Fla home
More... Pack , Shelley The Bobs at Chicagos Riverside Park
More... Pagen , Mike Sent Zippy the Pinhead strip from Bill Griffith
More... Palley , Andy Sent in photos of: Shep at the Overseas Press Club and in front of Howard Johnson. Shep and "Wilbur Duckworth" taken during the filming of Great American 4th of July.
More... Pasternak , Bill Supplied two audio files of Shep at the Dayton Hamvention
More... Paswinski , Mark Supplied info on several Shep references of people like Paswinski the gas station owner and the Doppler family
More... Pearson , Brian Obituary from the "Sanibel Captiva Islander", Photos from Shep's Florida home, and photos from Indiana - Flick's Tap, Cleveland Street, and Harding Elementary School, more...
More... Percarpio , Ed Photos of Shep at "Ferrari" signing - Willowbrook Mall
More... Perry , Lou Long John Neble book excerpt Theatre under the stars ad
More... Plummer , Jim Photos of Flicks Tap
More... Powell , Jay Photo of Shep in Rochester
More... Priest , Ryan Show summaries
More... Radow , Roy A special thanks for his contributions to the site.
More... Reithner , Robert 2 articles from 1956 Audio Magazine
More... Ricicki , Tony W2VRK QSL Card Shep's 1938 QSL Card
More... Rogers , Richard FDU ticket stub and photo, autographed IGWT
More... Roman , John Jean Shepherd Cartoon strip
More... Rothwell , Jack Info about Shep's early radio career
More... Rotter , Lee MP3s of shows he taped
More... Ruhs , Terry All the photos from the 1939 Yearbook came from the loan of his copy.
More... Sassmor , Jeff JS addressing to an assembly at Stuyvesant HS ~ 1966 (Received via Max)
More... Scharf , Ken Press Club Conference Audio
More... Schindler , Steven Shep line drawing morosco theater dr room #4 dec. 10 1959 silent night lonely night H Fonda Del geddes
More... Schmid , Max Too much to mention!
More... Schoening , Dan A Christmas Story cartoon
More... Schultz , Mike "Destry Rides Again" program and Shep at New Hope, Pa Photos
More... Schultze , Pete Autographs
More... Shepherd , Randall Memories, Family Photos
More... Shepherd , Adrian Memories
More... Shepherd , Family
More... Silverman , Art Supplied listing of NPR Commentaries.
More... Somers , Dave Article from the "Daily Record" and personal rcount of booksigning in Morristown, NJ at "The Bookshop" in late November 1971.
More... Spain , Tom Film maker - Directed "The Race for the Yellow Jersey" and provided back ground info plus copy of the movie.
More... Speelman , Roy Hammond JS Community Center
More... Springer , Patrick Shiek of Araby - The Charleston City All-Stars - 1957
More... Starr , Richard Supplied two more sources of music used by Shep. The "Cheap Guitar Music" (which he says was recorded by his old guitar instructor) and the Japanese Koto Classics Album.
More... Stewart , Gerald Jazz Under the Stars program
More... Stolzer , Rob Shep line drawing of hotel won on ebay - Nettleton auction
More... Stone , Mitch Photo of Shep signing his copy of Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories.
More... Sturdivant , John Copies of letters and articles from the Hammond Library archives
More... Suhaka , Ed Several show summaries from 1963, a Hickey Booksigning, and a copy of his autographed book.
More... Tepper , Jean Helped fill in the missing pieces of The Wall Street Journal article - "The Talker"
More... Thelin , Lowell Provided the timeline info regarding Shep's Muhlenberg College appearance on February 3, 1967. Contributed numerous show summaries for the timeline. Spent endless hours searching microfilm of the NY Times for radio show times and dates.
More... Turner , David Located copy of "An Answer" narrated by Shep
More... Unknown Recordee ,
More... Uzdanovich , William Hammond JS Community Center
More... Viggiano , Jeff 1930 Census
More... Welsch , William Sent tons of newspaper articles, advertisements, and magazine articles.
More... Wetzel , John Photo of Shep's 10th Street Apartment
More... Wirsching , Rudy 1963-67 - hundreds of shows - FM airchecks. Photo of Shep on the Merv Griffin Show in 1965
More... Witkowski , Mary NWI Times
More... Wolin , Gil Copy of Jan 1970 Business & Commercial Aviation Magazine
More... Yellen , Jim Yearbook photo of Nancy Prescott (Leigh Brown)