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Lost Works
These are things that Shep was working on and spoke or wrote about that never happened

There are many references made to works in process by Shep. None of these have ever really surfaced and may be nothing more than rumor or mis-print. If anyone has any information to confirm or deny any of the following, please email me
"What Time Does The Balloon Go Up?" A book to be published by Doubleday in the Fall of 1962 in the June 3,  1962 NY Post article by Sally Hammond.

"It tries to follow life just as it is - sporadic." It begins with a mixed-up boy of 4 overhearing a group of gabbling adults saying things he oughtn't hear. Suddenly the same boy is 16 at a junior prom wearing a new suit with horsehair in the shoulder pads that "all that night were sticking me." In a later chapter, he likens the families to "little solar systems." (There's a footloose uncle who shows up every four years "like one of those far out planets.")

"Pretty Bubbles
in the Air"

This playbill for "A Banquet for the Moon" referred to "Pretty Bubbles in the Air"in the playbill.

At the end of the October 1960 short story "Old Man Oshenschlager" in Metronome the editor adds: "Old Man Oshenschlager" is from Shepherd's forthcoming book, "Bubbles in the Air"

"Rubies in the Air" A book to be published by Doubleday and two movie scripts for Louis de Rochemont were rumored in this 1964 article. (Last paragraph
"The Unholy 13" A new movie mentioned in the Playbill page of the June 1964 issue of Playboy Magazine.
"The Walking Butterfly" A new book mentioned in the Playbill page of the June 1964 issue of Playboy Magazine. Also mention in article in "The Miller" Nov 23, 1965
According to the December 1964 playbill in Playboy:
Jean is about to begin work on a film documentary for Louis DeRochemont dealing with teenage social problems.
The Nature of the Enemy
(A Love Story in Two Rounds)
According to the April 1965 playbill in Playboy:
"Shepherd has just finished a play, The Nature of the Enemy (subtitled A Love Story in Two Rounds) which will be performed at Manhattan's Limelight club for presentation on nationwide TV. Further mention of it was made October 31, 1969 in the Wagnerian announcing his upcoming appearance at Wagner.
TV Series According to the December 1967 playbill in Playboy:
Shep "was helping a TV network prepare a new show that will spoof assorted aspects of contemporary life, from used car lots to religion."
"T.S. Mac - The Secret Mission of the Blue-assed Buzzard" This was rumored three times in playboy magazine. First in September 1967, then December 1967, and again in May 1971. It was to be published in 1972 by Doubleday and told tales of Shep's army days.
Playboy Club According to the September 1970 playbill in Playboy:
He was also booked to appear at the New York Playboy Club this Month.
Technical Book on Ham Radio Not being done for Doubleday. He mentions this book in a show from August 1971 while talking about writing "Wanda Hickey..."
The Revenge of the Mole People Variety 12-5-84 - Sequel to "A Christmas Story". Shep says the original cast is ready and several drafts of the script are done.
"Giant Country" A novel; a major television series for American Broadcasting Co.
Reference:Contemporary Authors Online - The Gale Group, 1999
"A new movie" In a 1998 interview with Alan Colmes  on WEVD 1050AM New York, Shep said he was working on a new movie for a major studio.