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...inspired by Shep in some manner

A cut above the average walking around, scratching and spitting, slob! These are professional people who were friends with Shep or were inspired by him in some manner.
Many writers have been inspired in some form or another and the list here is not complete. Visit the book section to see a listing of books mentioning Shep.
Notes Name Relationship
Notes Amram , David Musician, composer
Notes Barzyk , Fred Producer / Director at WGBH Boston
Notes Beach , Dan Production Coordinator - WGBH Boston
Notes Bergmann , Eugene B. Author, Jean Shepherd Historian
Notes Bruce , Lenny Lenny Bruce - Without Tears
Notes Caniff , Milton Cartoonist - Steve Canyon
Notes Cassavetes , John Actor, Writer, Director
Notes Clark , Bob Director - "A Christmas Story"
Notes Collins , Billy U. S. poet laureate
Notes Collins , Kate Author
Notes Colmes , Alan
Notes Crutcher , Chris Author
Notes daSilva , Raul Director, Writer
Notes Della Chiesa , Ron Radio Personality
Notes Fagen , Donald Singer, former member of "Steely Dan"
Notes Fancher , Ed Founder / publisher of the Village Voice
Notes Farber , Barry Radio Talk Show Host
Notes Fega , Mort Veteran Jazz Radio Host
Notes Feifer , Feifer, Jules Writer
Notes Fisher , Bobby Famous Chess Player
Notes Forstchen , William R. Author
Notes Gardner , Herb "A Thousand Clowns"
Notes Gee , Helen Former owner of The Village Limelight
Notes Grecian , Phillip Playwright - "A Christmas Story - the Play"
Notes Griffith , Bill Cartoonist - "Zippy the Pinhead"
Notes Harley , Bill Grammy Award-winning children's entertainer and author
Notes Higgins , Tom Indiana Broadcaster
Notes Hjortsberg , William Prominent novelist, Screenwriter
Notes Imus , Don Radio Personality
Notes Jillette , Penn Comedian - Influenced By Shep
Notes Kaiser , Barbara "Jazzy Disc Jockey" WRPI - I was very affected by him; I loved him. I would say he's a primary influence on my style.
Notes Kaufman , Andy Comedian
Notes Keillor , Garrison Author, Storyteller, Humorist, and Radio Personality
Notes Kerouac , Jack Author - "On the Road"
Notes King , Larry TV and Radio talk host
Notes Krassner , Paul Author, journalist, comedian, and founder/editor of The Realist
Notes Kubrick , Stanley American filmmaker, screenwriter, and producer
Notes Landry , Ron
Notes Leffens , Tim Author - "Flying Colors"
Notes McDarrah , Fred Photographer
Notes McIntyre , Doug Radio Talk Show Host
Notes Miano , Lou Author - "Russ Colombo"
Notes Mingus , Charles Jazz Musician
Notes Nebel , Long John Radio talk host
Notes Norton , Edward Author - "The House: 1916"
Notes Perelman , S.J. Writer
Notes Russell , Mark Political Satirist
Notes Savage , Michael Political and social radio commentator
Notes Schwartz , Jonathan Radio Personality, Singer, Writer
Notes Seinfeld , Jerry Actor, Comedian
Notes Service , Robert Poet
Notes Shearer , Harry Radio host, director and producer and MUCH more
Notes Shepherd , Jean Freelance Writer (Yes, the name is correct and this Jean is female)
Notes Silverman , Art Radio producer
Notes Silverstein , Shel Author
Notes Squires , Herb WOR Engineer, Friend, Business Partner
Notes Stine , Robert Lawrence American writer and producer
Notes Terkel , Studs Radio talk show host
Notes Wakefield , Dan Writer
Notes Wolfe , Tom Journalist and Novelist
Notes Wolverton , Mark Freelance Science Writer