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Last Update: 08-23-2020
Three Ring Baseball League

Ballantine Brewing Co.


Apparently this league, sponsored by Ballantine never really got off the ground. It was a promotional event which lasted only 2 years (1964-65?) based on articles from 1964 and a Limelight show from June 26, 1965 where Shep made mention of it. That date was also confirmed in a post with photos. See link below for 'The Rusty Bunch' website.
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Links to Further Information:
• The Rusty Bunch website - June 26, 1965 game

June 26,1965
Three Ring baseball league "Team" photo

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

June 26,1965
Where's Shep?

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

June 26,1965
According to photo legend, this is Shep

Courtesy: Steve Glazer