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Last Update: 01-06-2013

C.G. "Fang" Bullard

aka: Mr Bullard

Station Boss

9-8-69 Show - Mr. Bullard 7-25-73 Show - C.G. "Fang" Bullard 8-4-75 Show - C.G. "Fang" Bullard Shep talks about the time he worked for a TV / Radio station whose policy was nobody ever quits. As soon as management got wind that a person might be leaving, they would fire themUntil Shep came along! Working for C.G. "Fang" Bullard, he mentions to a co-worker one day that his audition went well. Within minutes he is called to C.G. Bullard's office. Bullard is a short man of 4 feet 9 inches and has a tremendous office - "The smaller the man, the bigger the office" (JS) After going through a series of security doors, Shep enters Bullard's office where he is given a 3 year contract to sign. He insists Shep sign it without reading it. Shep asks for some time and Bullard says sure, give it to the secretary outside. As soon as he leaves the office, she asks for the signed contract. He hands it to her, she says "It's not signed". Shep tells her he'll be back later this afternoon to sign it, he has to go down and fix up his show. With that he left, snapping the bowties of every executive along the way. He was the only one whoever managed to quit from that station. Shep says they have since written him out of all history of the station, never to be mentioned again, as if he never existed.
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