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Last Update: 10-17-2012
A Christmas Story

Carl Zittrer & Paul Zaza
Album Title: A Christmas Story
Publisher: Rhino Entertainment Company
Date Released: 2009
Album / Record#: 8122798308
It took 16 years but through the efforts of Carl Zittrer, the soundtrack was finally released through Rhino

1) Bob's Major Award 2) Jogging to School 3) Black Bart Bites The Dust 4) Meeting of the Minds 5) And They're Off! 6) Truth or (Triple Dog) Dare 7) Jingle Bells 8) He Had Yellow Eyes 9) A Chip Off the Old Block 10) When Things Seem Hopeless... 11) Feet, Do Your Stuff! 12) Ralphie's Brilliant Idea 13) Ming the Merciless 14) Don't Look Back! 15) Sleigh Bells 16) Ralphie's Revenge & the "F" Word 17) Joy to the World & Silent Night 18) The Bumpus Hounds Make Their Rounds 19) Glorious, Beautiful Christmas 20) Silent Night - The Morman Tabernacle Choir