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Last Update: 10-22-2019

Beer (Repeat from Season 1)

April 23, 1985

"...FROM ITS GOLDEN, ICE-COOL DEPTHS COME THE ECHOS OF LOST BATTLES, THE SOUND OF ANCIENT VICTORIES, THE NOISE OF A MILLION BALL GAMES" Beer is on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And Americans are not quite sure if they want to know why. Jean Shepherd has always known about Americans and their love affair with beer. And he welcomes the golden brew on JEAN SHEPHERD'S AMERICA. Shepherd treats beer with a respect approaching reverence, calling it a phenomenon more universal than sex. At any given moment, thousands of Americans everywhere are imbibing the nectar-of-the-hops. Running down the "beer mystique" takes Jean Shepherd to many places. One of them is Mary Vnuk's Tavern, on Packard ,lIvenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The late-night shift from the factory across the street, piles in there at 7:00 every morning for some serious drinking. And Jean Shepherd comes away from this visit with his share of foamy realism. But beer is not just some innocent beverage that makes us happy. Jean Shepherd shows us the whole story - beer art, beer bottle ballet and beer shampoos. Beer becomes a first-class citizen of JEAN SHEPHERD'S AMERICA only after Shepherd rips off the pop-top and lets go with one of his fabled beer stories. And Jean finally }inds the answer to that vital question, "Which comes first, paternal love, or that first long pull on a can of Canadian Ace after a long day's work ? "
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Music played on the show: "Bahnfart" Jazz Piano Version Of A Mozart (?) Work 2001 Soundtrack Flea Band (with Shep on kazoo)

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