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Last Update: 05-25-2015


March 31, 1974

DENNIS MARKS was a producer on "WONDERAMA" in the 1970s. Below is a picture of Shep, Dennis and his daughter Amanda taken during the March 1974 taping at WNEW-TV studios. Dennis comments: "I was a great lover of Shep's and it was a thrill for me to present him to a young audience who was not able to stay up late and night to hear him. He killed on the show. The kids LOVED him." Shep tells early versions of the Orphan Annie decoder pin, bunny slippers (it was the whole outfit in the movie) and performs Kophspeilen (Head Thumping)

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March 31,1974
Wonderama - Shep, Dennis and his daughter Amanda

Courtesy: Pete Delaney

March 31,1974
Comments by Shep fan Pete Delaney

Courtesy: Steve Glazer